Art Careers


Prepared for Mrs. Henning


The following online resources will provide you with extensive information in learning about various careers in Art.


Occupational Outlook Handbook


  1. From the Media Center homepage, click “CyberDesk”, then “College/Career”.
  2. Scroll down and click “Occupational Outlook Handbook”.
  3. In upper right-hand corner click “OOH Search/A-Z Index” (it’s in very tiny lettering).
  4. In Search OOH field, enter “arts”.  Browse through approximately 64 search results.



Facts on File


  1. From the Media Center homepage click “Research Databases”.
  2. Click “Facts on File” and enter appropriate username/password (it can be found on Cherokee bookmark); then click “Authenticate”.
  3. In upper left-hand corner click “Career”.
  4. Click top option “Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center”.
  5. In upper left-hand corner under Search Careers type “arts”.
  6. Browse through approximately 43 careers.
  7. You can also choose to search descriptions of careers by clicking “Career Descriptions” in upper left-hand corner.  Browse through list and select desired career (Ex. Selecting ‘literary arts” will bring up related careers.




  1. From the Media Center homepage click “Research Databases”.
  2. Click “COIN”.  If needed, enter appropriate username/password (it can be found Cherokee bookmark).
  3. Click icon for “Exploration Center”.
  4. Click icon for “Occupation Search”. 
  5. From the frame on the left under Occupation Search click “Career Clusters”.
  6. Click checkboxes for desired options, then click “Display Occupations” (Ex. Architecture & Construction Occupations plus Arts, A/V Technology & Communication Occupations).  Note when selecting checkboxes, the screen redraws and displays the number of occupations at the top.
  7. Click “Display Occupations” at the top of the screen (in red lettering).
  8. Browse through search results.



Prepared by S. Gregory 10/15/2004