Controversial Issues - Research Paper

            To Search for books in the Book and Audiovisual Catalog (click here)
                       Click Start, Programs, and Cherokee Library

In the Subject space, type your broad topic.
           2.  To refine your search if there are too many hits, add another term.
                 Change middle boxes to:  AND ANYWHERE   (click on Enhanced to do this in the Cherokee Library)
             Example:    Acid rain (AND ANYWHERE) environmental aspects / Drinking  (AND ANYWHERE) driving
             Example:    Environment (AND ANYWHERE) Opposing viewpoints (for pro/con books)
                              Immigration  (AND ANYWHERE)  At issue (for pro/con books)

Reference Books:
Ref. 031 WORLD - World Book Encyclopedia - General encyclopedias provide overviews of broad topics, offering ideas for narrower topics.  This is a good place to start your research but not to end your research.
Ref. 361.1 - Pro/Con
 This set provides a collection of debates on a wide-range of issues.
The entire series is located in the South Media Center and some volumes are located in North.
361.1 - Taking Sides  - This set captures current, ongoing controversies and makes the opposing sides available to students.The entire series is located in the North Media Center.
To search on the Media Center Web Page -  

(From Cherokee School Page:  Click on Departments, Media Center)

RESEARCH DATABASES:   (left column)
SIRS Researcher
- Provides access to thousands of full-text articles, documents, and graphics.
1. In Subject Headings box, type broad topic (ex. adoption).
2. Or click Keyword/Natural Language to type in a phrase.
            3. For additional topics, click
Leading Issues (in box on the right).

CQ Researcher- Covers current and controversial issues complete with summaries.
1. In
Quick Search box, type in topic (put multiple words in quotes).
2. You may also
Browse by Topic (under search box).

Facts.Com News- Provides news every week from more than 100 major newspapers,
                                 news magazines, other periodicals, and government and online sources.
             1.  Click on
"Issues and Controversies" gray tab in the upper right corner.
                  Choose a link under "Quick Access."  
             2.  Or type your topic (multiple words in quotes) in the Search box.

EBSCOhost Web - For magazine and newspaper articles/reviews.
1. Ensure that
MasterFILE Premier (and/or Newspaper Source) is checked.
2. In Find box, type in search terms. Put multiple terms in "quotes."
3. Under Limit Your Results, click Full Text box. Click Search.
4. Another option:  Click
Peer Reviewed before clicking search.      
            1.  Click on the
Subject Terms (green tab at top).
            2.  In Browse box, type
broad topic.
            3.  In your results list, explore the
Periodical References.  See Related Terms and Subdivisions below.

Infotrac Elite 500 - For magazine, journal and newspaper articles (includes The New York Times)
          Type topic in Search box.  Check box:  "to articles with text."
           Click on
View articles or Narrow by subdivision

These may be useful for background information:

History Resource Center- Provides articles from reference sources and journals
 themes, events, individuals and periods in U.S. history.
                                            (Click on SUBJECT.)

 Britannica Online- Includes the complete Britannica encyclopedia.

Discovering Collection- Provides articles from reference sources on science, social studies,
                                         literature, history, and people. 

*All of the above databases can be accessed from the Media Center homepage from your
          home computer.  *Be sure to get a BOOKMARK at the circulation desk so youll have the
          necessary log-in information.

Additional Resource:

Burlington County Library System - From the left column, click on:  Databases A-Z
                                                             Scroll down to:  Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center Database
Click on Connect and type in your Burlington County Lib. Card number.


Internet Resources:  - Multnomah County Library  Homework
Center Social Issues  - Assisted suicide, gun control, pro-athlete salary, etc.

NCPA  - National Center for Policy Analysis - One stop shopping for debate issues



Modified by Mrs. Dennis, Feb. 2007