Elections 2004

Assignment 2: Platform


Prepared for Mr. Lynn



For this assignment you are being asked to identify and explain your chosen candidates’ views on at least 5 major issues.  Visit the following links to help you get started.



Web Roundup, By the People Elections 2004 PBS


A comprehensive collection of election web sites, which includes excellent information about candidates and parties and their issues.


            Compare the Candidates







Public Agenda


Advertised as “A non-partisan opinion research organization helping Americans explore and understand critical issues since 1975.”  Contains extensive information about issues like jobs and the economy, education costs, and healthcare.




Launched in 1997 by Ron Gunzberger, a lawyer, journalist, and businessman. It is advertised as “one of the most popular political sites on the net.”  Also contains non-partisan information designed to help citizens make well-informed decisions.


Vote by Issue Quiz, wbur.org


An excellent page allowing you to take a quiz to test your knowledge about candidates’ views.  Not yet familiar with candidates’ views?  Simply click “View by Issue” or “View by Candidate” on the left-hand side of the page to learn.




Find information here on the presidential candidates and their positions on the issues as well as voter registration info.


National Public Radio (NPR), Politics and Society


Extensive political coverage and analysis by the producers of noncommercial news, talk and radio programming.  Look for articles categorized as “ELECTIONS”. Here’s a good article to read; click on the related links at the end to learn more.


Weighing Key Issues in Campaign 2004



Elections Glossary


Contains 26 essential terms for understanding the electoral process.



For more general information regarding Elections 2004, please click here.









Prepared by Ms. S. Gregory, North Media Center 9/23/2004