World War I Era Topics


Prepared by Ms. Gregory for Mr. Sweeney 10-20-2004


Topics to research:  Warfare/Changes in warfare; Impact of new technology on the war; British propaganda posters; Treaty of Versailles; African American treatment and opportunity at home and at war; Russian Revolution and Irish uprising 1916-leaders, main events and effects on the U.S.; Women Suffrage Movement; and the History of the League of Nations.


ABC Clio World History


  1. From the Media Center homepage click Research Databases, then click World History.
  2. Next to the Site Search field, type in your search criteria (ex. leaders Russian revolution).  See additional search tips below.
  3. Browse through search results.  Note that they are broken down into categories such as images, biographies, event, quotations, etc.  See additional resources listed at the bottom of the page.


Search Tips