iSearch -  Thesis Paper

United States History II



Prepared for Mr. Lynn by Ms. Gregory 2-3-2005




CQ Researcher-Offers current issues in the news.  Topics range from social and teen issues to environment, health, education, science and technology.  

Browse by Topic or Date, Advanced Search

Ex. Topic Search – Scroll down to “o” for obesity – Click Obesity – Note articles listed and utilize for narrowing down your topic (diabetes, dieting, physical fitness, etc.).  Use these terms for searching other databases.


SIRS Knowledge Source- Focuses on social issues

            Keyword/Natural Language, Quick Search, Advanced Search or Topic Browse

            Sort Results by Relevance or Date

Ex. Natural Language search for “obesity”.  Note articles and various sub-topics within search results (fast food, prescriptions medications for, childhood obesity)


DISCovering Collection-Offers a variety of resources.

            Search by Subject, Keyword, or Full-text

Ex. Full-text search for “obesity”.  Note Subjects related to obesity in the left-hand pane (Hyperplastic Obesity, Hypertrophic Obesity, Surgical Treatment of).


Facts on File Online-Offers a variety of resources from Science, Multicultural, History, Geography and Careers.

Choose resource (ex. Health) and Browse Categories, choose a listed category or type in search terms in Search field.

Ex. From Health- type “obesity” in Search field.  Explore articles listed to help narrow down your topic (obesity and genetics, endocrine factors in obesity, Cushing’s Disease).




All of the above databases can be accessed from the Media Center homepage from your home computer.  Be sure to get a bookmark at the circulation desk so you’ll have the necessary login information.