JFK Assassination Theories


Prepared for Mrs. Kuhlow by Ms. Gregory and Mrs. Fitzgerald 12/19/2004



Research Databases-all can be accessed from Media Center homepage or by navigating to:


Facts on File

  1. History Database Center
  2. Type JFK assassination.
  3. Under World History Online results, click 1 Subject Entry found.
  4. Entry title: John F. Kennedy, assassination of


History Resource Center

  1. Click Subject.
  2. For subject search, type Assassination, JFK.
  3. Click United States, President’s Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
  4. Click Cracks in the Wall of Silence.
  5. Also try Basic Search for Assassination, JFK.
  6. See periodical: Lone Assassins: forty years after…twentieth century examples. History Today, Nov. 1, 2003.
  7. See Time Magazine article: February 3, 1992 p.25.  Open minds, closed files. (Kennedy) assassination files (brief article).



  1. Click EBSCOhost Web.
  2. Check Master FILE Premier.
  3. Type John F. Kennedy and assassination and conspiracy.
  4. Browse result #20, The conspiracy theories.
  5. Browse result #40, An American Tragedy with two articles:

-          Thirty years later, JFK’s assassination lives on in memory

-          America’s Enduring Mystery: Was Oswald a lone assassin?


Web Sites


Wikipedia Encyclopedia - JFK Assassination

Contains extensive information including a timeline, photos, and assassination theories. 


Spartacus Education – JFK Assassination Index

Contains exhaustive information.  See Primary Sources: Theories.


Kennedy Assassination Homepage

Click link in third paragraph: web-sites, mostly conspiracy oriented.


John F. Kennedy Assassination Homepage

Click Articles link in the upper middle part of the page.  See also FAQs link.


PBS, Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald

Click Links & Readings at the bottom of the page.  Contains exhaustive information and links to other sites.