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Research Paper English 1/2



Prepared for Miss Mayher’s class  by Ms. Freedman & Ms. Gregory 2-9-2005



eLibrary-Offers information on categories in the Arts, Business, Literature, Math, Science, Social Sciences, etc.

            Search by Topic or Keyword; can use Boolean terms.

            Ex. Natural language search for: sibling rivalry.  Also try: sister to sister conflicts.


EBSCOHost-Periodical and Journal  multidisciplinary database.

            Choose appropriate databases (MasterFILE Premier is always a good one to use) and ensure full-text is selected.

Ex. Check the following databases: MasterFILE Premier, Newspaper Source, TOPICsearch, MAS Online, Health Source-Consumer Edition.  Click Continue.  Click Advanced Tab at the top of the page.  In find field, type: psychological abuse AND children.  Also try mental abuse AND children.


SIRS Knowledge Source- Focuses on social issues

            Keyword/Natural Language, Quick Search, Advanced Search or Topic Browse

            Sort Results by Relevance or Date

Ex. Natural Language search for “adult sibling rivalry”.  Note articles and various sub-topics within search results; you can take terms and use them for other searches.


DISCovering Collection-Offers a variety of resources.

            Search by Subject, Keyword, or Full-text

Ex. Basic search for “The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds”. 



All of the above databases can be accessed from the Media Center homepage from your home computer.  Be sure to get a bookmark at the circulation desk so you’ll have the necessary login information.