The Roaring Twenties


Prepared for Mr. Lynn by Ms. Gregory 11/01/2004


Your assignment is to create a newspaper that covers all of the major events of the 1920’s. 


There are numerous books available in both the North and South Media Centers.  Note that the Harlem Renaissance books are located in the South Media Center; please see Ms. Gregory if you’d like to reserve materials on this topic.  Be sure to use the Cherokee OPAC to locate your books:

            Start, Programs, Cherokee Library


There are also three major online databases you can use to find your information, all of which are available from the “Research Databases” link from the Media Center homepage.


American National Biography

You can perform full-text searches for a general concept (“The Twenties”), search by name, and select to include illustrations in your search results.


Discovering Collection


History Resource Center


To find images for your newspaper, use Yahoo and Google.   Click “Images” and type in search criteria (Ex. Babe Ruth, Roaring Twenties).  Note, you can also find posters and cartoons by typing “roaring twenties cartoons” or “roaring twenties posters”.  If you want larger images, type the word “large” after your search criteria