Sculpture Sites


Prepared for Mrs. Greenbaum


Google and Yahoo are both good places to begin browsing for images of modern figurative sculpture. (click on images and type in sculpture + figure + modern) (click on images and type in sculpture + figure + modern)


Additionally, the sites listed below contain images (You can search by sculpture or by a particular artist).


Carnegie Mellon Museum (Mouse over “Collections”, then click “Collection Highlights”; click Sculpture)


Charles Saatchi Gallery (Click “New displays”, then “Selected Works”.


International Sculpture Center (Click on the word, “Sculpture” in large, white lettering to enter; next click “Portfolio”, then “List of Sculptors”.)


Metropolitan Museum of Art (In upper right-hand corner, click “here” for “Enter here”; From the left-hand side, under Works of Art, click “Permanent Collection”; click “American Paintings and Sculpture”; browse here or click “Collection Highlights”.


Museum of Modern Art (From the left-hand side, click “The Collection”.  For Painting and Sculpture, click “home” or “highlights”., Museums


Randolphlee McIver (browse the artist’s work)


Sculpture Site Gallery (from the left-hand side, click on “Figurative”.


Surrey Sculpture Society (click “Exhibitions”).


Themepark Imagination (under People to See, click on “Henry Moore Foundation” and “Constantin Brancusi”).



Prepared by S. Gregory 10/12/2004

Updated on 10/30/2004