Prepared for Mr. Lynn


Topic: World War I-weapons of mass destruction


To locate books for your chosen weapon located either in the North or South Media Centers do the following:


1.      Launch the media center catalog from the Start Menu or from Internet Explorer (from the home page, click on Cherokee Library Media Collection.


2.      Execute a subject search for your topic such as artillery, tanks, guns, etc.  You also may want to execute a broader search like World War I or World War, 1914-1918.  Note the call #s for the weapons listed above are:

a.      Artillery- 355-359 (location, upstairs).  Please see the librarian for assistance.

b.      Tanks- 940s (location, downstairs).

c.       Guns- 623 (location, upstairs).  Please see the librarian for assistance.


3.      For books you may find located in the south library, please see the librarian, who can reserve them for you.









Prepared by Ms. S. Gregory and Ms. S. Freedman 10/6/2004