To kill a mockingbird       


Background information


Prepared for Mr. Delguercio       



I. Print Resources (Books):


          A. Catalog

                        1. Cherokee Library catalog: Start --®Programs--® Cherokee Library.

    In the subject, area type in topic.

                            For example: Subject: Harper Lee

                                                  Subject: the Great Depression


  2. The same search can be done from the Cherokee Media Web Page.

      Select: Cherokee      


B. Gale’s Literary Index- will provide a list of print (book) resources on Harper   Lee and To Kill a Mockingbird published by Gale Publishing Co.


                        Research Databases--®Gale Literary Index--®Author

                                         Search® Enter author’s name (Harper Lee)




II. Electronic sources: Research Databases


          Start --®Programs--®Internet Explorer--®Research Database


A. Britannica Online: Encyclopedia Britannica in electronic format


                        1. Type topic in search box.  Example: Jim Crow Law


            B. Contemporary Authors: For biographical information on the author

                        Type in author’s name: Harper Lee


C. Discovering Collection: Has information pertaining to literature, history, and   science.


                        1. Biographical information:

                                    Person Search Icon--® type in person’s name



                        2. History Search:

                                    1. Select topics: use drop down menu select:

                                        US History

                                    2. And Narrow your search by entering keyword:

                                         Enter Topic (example: the Great Depression)

                                    3. Narrow even further by selecting document type:

                                        Event Overview


            D. History Resource Center:


                        1. Person Search: Harper Lee


                        2. Subject Search: The Great Depression


            E. Literary Resource Center:


1.      Type in Author’s name: Harper Lee


F. MagillOnLiterature Plus


1.      In the Find Textbox Type In : Harper Lee  OR

                                                        To Kill a Mockingbird





Prepared by A. Martinez,   9/2005
Posted 11/05 by L. Dennis