in Housing

I. Resources for Finding Career Description

A. Research Databases: Cherokee Media Center Homepage:

      FACTS ON FILE ONLINE DATABASE - Scroll down to Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

o        Click on Career Descriptions

o        Select cluster such as Home Furnishings or Construction for a listing of possible careers.

B. Online Sources:

        Dictionary of Occupational Titles = DOT

        Occupational Outlook Handbook = OO

        Monster = MJ

        CAREER ZONE Type Housing in Site Search Or View All Careers- This will result in an alphabetical list


II. Possible Occupational Titles

Landscape Architect - OO

Advertising Artist - MJ

Interior Designer - OO (under Designers)

Furniture Designer -

Real Estate Broker - OO (under Real Estate Agents)

Title Searcher/Examiner - DOT (under Real Estate Examiner or Abstract Examiner)

Dept. Store Salesperson - OO (under Retail Salesperson)

Public Relations Specialist - DOT (under Public Relations Representatives)

Security Business Owner - DOT (under Security Consultant)

Wallpaper Specialist - DOT (under Wallpaper Inspector)

Interior Decorator - DOT (under Interior Designer)

Consumer Science Writer - CC (under Family and Consumer Scientist)

Pest Control Worker - OO

Home Lighting Specialist -

Textile Worker - DOT (under Textile Engineer-term textile stylist)

Buyer - OO

Professional Organizer -

Home Remodeling Specialist - DOT (under House Repairer, construction)

Land Developer DOT (under urban planner)

Consumer Advocate - MJ (search for Product Consumer Affairs)

Home Marketing Specialist - MJ (search for Marketing Specialist)

Painter (Home) - OO (under Painters and Paperhangers) & CC (under Painter)

House-sitting -

Civil Engineer - OO

Real Estate Salesperson - OO. DOT

Bricklayer OO


III. Employment Resources


         THE RILEY GUIDE - The Job Search

         HOT JOBS


Revised by L. Dennis - 5-2007
Originated by A. Martinez