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Legalization of Marijuana

                                                                                                                        Prepared for Ms. Rulo- 01/2006



Topic: The Legalization/ Decriminalization of Marijuana


From the:   Cherokee Virtual Media Center Web Page –



Print Sources: Cherokee Book and Audiovisual Catalog

    In Subject field- type marijuana

                              To limit the search- Use the drop down box to change the second field from OR to And.

   Use the drop down box to change the second field from Title to Anywhere.

                                                                In the second field, type in law.



Below are some books that can be used in the media center.


303 ISA - Pro & Con: Both sides of dozens of unsettled and unsettling arguments

REF 361.1 PROCON - Pro/Con Science Vol. 5

361 TAKING - Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Legal Issues

Also see the materials on the cart.


Online Sources:


A. Research Databases:


SIRS Knowledge Source- This database provides current articles on all aspects of an issue from primary sources, newspapers, government reports, and other current authoritative sources.


-          Your ‘Top 10’ Pro vs. Con Leading Issues- Select Marijuana legalization icon.


-          In Subject Area- type Marijuana; then select narrower subject area from the list given. This database provides recent facts on an issue.


-          Select the Issues and Controversies section of the database.

-           Type in search box: Marijuana Legalization



EbscoHost- This database provides articles from print sources such as magazines, newspapers, and journals.


-          Select MasterFILE Premier and TOPICsearch, then click Continue button.

-          Ensure box for full text is checked.

-          Execute search for marijuana legalization





B. Internet Sources:


International Debate Education Association’s Debatabase

  1. From Internet Explorer, navigate to: http://ww 
  2. Click on link for Debatabase at the top of the page.
  3. In search field in upper-left hand corner, type marijuana. 




Drug Enforcement Administration

  1. Navigate to:
  2. In search box at the top of the page, type marijuana legalization. 






Prepared by A. Martinez- January, 2006

Posted by LD – 1/6/06