Classical & Romantic Composers




Print Resources – Using the Cherokee Catalog

1.       Start – Programs – Cherokee Library

2.       In Subject field, type composers


Note: In the North Media Center, the Reference 780s are located downstairs
           (R 780 DEA – R 780.92 ILL) and nonfiction 780s are upstairs.

Please see the cart as well.



Online Resources


From Media Center Homepage, use  Research Databases 


Start – Programs – Internet Explorer - Research Databases (Get bookmark for home access.)

Britannica Online

Provides short biographies, pictures, and links to other web pages.  Good for when you already have a subject picked out.


Discovering Collection

 Provides biographical information and images on a particular subject.


The Web


  1. Classical.Net

Excellent resource for comprehensive biographies, reviews, and music files.


  1. A&E’s

Extremely brief biographies--good place to start.


  1. Karadar Musical Dictionary of Composers

A listing of all classical music composers, their biographies, and Mp3s and Midi files.


  1. Encarta Online Encyclopedia

From Media Center homepage, follow this path: Cyber Desk, Reference, Encyclopedia, Encarta Online. In Search Encarta field, type “classical composers” or type a specific composer’s name.  To find information on romantic composers, simply type “romantic composers” or type a composer’s name.  You can also find pictures and music files here.








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