U.S. History II



Print Resources – OPAC
aka Books!


1.       Start – Programs – Cherokee Library

2.       In Subject field, type name of subject or event


Note: Reference 900s are located downstairs.  Please see the cart as well.


Online Resources

Media Center Homepage 
Start, Programs, Internet Explorer to access the Cherokee Virtual Library Page (the media center page)


  1. History Resource Center

Use the Chronology link to search events by year; good way to get started.  Then use Person and Subject searches when you have a topic picked.


  1. Discovering Collection

Provides biographical information and images on a particular subject.  Also allows a search for documents through a TIMELINE search.  Ideal when you need to narrow down your topic.

Louis Armstrong

  1. American National Biography

Good for when you already have a person picked out.




The Web


  1. Library of Congress

Pick an era in American history to start or
“Meet Amazing Americans” to search for people.


  1. A&E’s Biography.com

Extremely brief biographies--good place to start when
you have your subject picked out.










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Posted by L. Dennis, Dec. 2005