Art Career Assignment       

   Prepared for:  Mrs. Wilson

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              Pathfinders & isearches

Under Art, click on Careers in Art (Wilson)

Assignment Link
:   Princeton Online-Art Careers Link


Career Resources from the Cherokee Media Center Web Page:

  I. Research Databases:   To access from home - get passwords from bookmark.

      A.  COIN Career Library - a comprehensive career database.

          1.  Click on: Exploration CenterOccupation Search Career Clusters
         From the gray box in the center, select an occupation.
Example:  Arts, A/V Technology & Communication Occupations
Click on:  Display Occupations (in red print above box)

Click on: Exploration Center 
Quick SearchOccupations to type occupation in the box
→ Search Occupations  
                                                                   or  Show All  
 for alphabetical list of occupations

      3. Click on: Resource CenterCool Jobs                                  
   In white box under Cluster, select occupation.
Example:  Arts, A/V Technology & Communication Occupations   


B. Facts on File  (Under Research Databases on the Media Center Web Page)

       Facts on File

     Scroll down to:   Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

       Click on Career Descriptions
   From the pull-down menu, select your occupation choice.
       Example:  Photography, printing, textiles, visual arts, etc.

            Type “visual arts” in:   Search Careers  box on the left.


II.   Internet Resources:

       From the Cherokee Media Center Web Page
Click on
       From the  Jobs/Employment Info column (on the right), explore
        other career resources such as:

        Occupational Outlook Handbook  - Click on A-Z Index at the top.

Career Zone – Click on Arts and Humanities

O*NET ONLINE - Click on Find OccupationsBrowse by Job Family
                                                                                        → Pull down menu on the right
                                                                                             Example:  Arts, Design, etc.
                                                                                       →  Click Go

III. Print Career Resources: See materials on the cart for more information.

IV.   Accessing and Using  Microsoft Publisher on school's computers:

         Start, Programs→  Microsoft Office→  Microsoft Publisher
Under “New from a Design,” click on Publications for Print.
        Choose Advertisements or Brochures.
         Then, on the right, select your desired  template.

         <ONCE A TEMPLATE IS SELECTED, change text and graphics to create
         a new publication – GENERATE YOUR OWN STYLE! 
                          Click on the graphics and text to make changes

V.  For Pictures and Graphics, try the following search engines:

→ Images  (

       IXQuick → Pictures  (


Modified by L. Dennis & R. Wagner - 9/2006