Finding Criticisms on the Works of African-American Authors


                           Begin by using databases from the Cherokee Virtual Library 



  Go to:

RESEARCH DATABASES - choose from listing (get a bookmark from media center for

home access to these databases).


1.  To get a list of authors:


            a.  Scribner Writers - Click on Research Ideas - African American Women Writers--
                 African American Male Writers.


                 Provides biographical and some criticism of the person’s works.  Includes citation



            b.   Discovering Collection – In Subject search, type in:  African-American writers
                  (The link to the left provides articles about individual African-American writers.)


                  Provides comprehensive information on author.


            c.  Twayne’s Authors - Click on Research Ideas - Select Twayne’s U.S. Authors -
                 Scroll down to African American Writers


                 Provides a whole book on each writer in the listing.


2.  To get criticisms from the databases:


            a.  Discovering Collection - Do a Subject Search - Last name, First name 

                                                              Example:  Hughes, Langston


            Good for getting thesis ideas - Look for articles that say Criticism.


            b.  Magill on Literature Plus:  Click on “Magill on Literature Plus.
                 Type in author’s last name, first name.     Ex:    Gaines, Ernest
                                                    OR type in “title of work.”   
                  Ex:  A Lesson Before Dying.”   Look for articles that say, “Essay Review.”


            c.   Scribner Writers:  “Writers A-Z Search.”  Click on letter that represents your author’s
                  last name.       
                  OR do an “In-Depth Search.”  Type in last name, first name.  Select source.


            d.  Twayne’s Authors:  “Authors A-Z Search”.  Click on letter that represents your
                  author’s last name.    Provides full text of criticism books on authors.


3.  To get criticisms from books in the media centers:


           a.     Use the Cherokee Library
                  Type your author’s last name, first name in the Subject space.     Look for books in the 800s.

          b.     Use the Gale’s Literary Index - Provides an index to Gale reference books.
                                                                       To access, click on RESEARCH DATABASES.
                                                                      Click on AUTHOR SEARCH.
                                                                      Type author’s name in the box.

              Look at the list of Gale reference books that comes up on the computer for your author.

Are some of them in the North or South Media Center?    Look at the list below.

              Go to the volume(s) and page number(s) as indicated in Gale’s Literary Index.


REF 809           CON

North Library

Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC) up to vol. 100

REF 809           NIN

North Library

Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism (NCLC) up to vol. 54

REF 809           TWE

North Library

Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (TCLC) up to vol. 69

REF 809.3        BEACHAMS

North Library

Beacham’s Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction

REF 809.3        SHORT

South Library

Short Story Criticism (SSC) up to vol. 35

REF 809.93      MOSS

North Library

Literature and Its Times

REF 810.8        AFR

North Library

African American Women Writers

REF 810.8        BLACK

North Library

Black Writers

REF 810.9        AME

South Library

American Writers

REF 810.9        AME

North Library

American Women Writers

REF 810.9        AME

North Library

American Writers before 1800

REF 810.9928  MOD

North Library

Modern American Women Writers



        c.   Browse the 809 and 810 reference sections of both media centers for other books that might include information on
             African-American authors.

4.    Web Site:

       Try this website for more information:


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