Biological Current Event
                             Research Paper Resources
                                     Mrs. DeBlieu


       I.    To find books:  Start—Programs -- Cherokee Library


              Subject Search:  Ex:  human genome project


       II.   To find scientific journals using the Research Databases:


                START ------ PROGRAMS -------INTERNET EXPLORER

                       CHEROKEE VIRTUAL LIBRARY:   


         A.   Click on RESEARCH DATABASES
                  (for home access, get bookmark with


                1. eLibrary – Click Clear All to uncheck all formats.
                      Check magazines only. 
                      Type topic in Search box.  Ex:  “stem cells”

                      Scroll down to check Peer Reviewed.
                      Press Enter to search.


                     To find information in specific scientific journals, type
                      journal name in Publication box.  Do not check Peer Reviewed here.

                         Ex:  New England Journal of Medicine

                         Ex:  JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association)


                2. EBSCOhost  -  Click on EBSCOhost and  “EBSCOhost Web”.
                      Make sure MasterFILE Premier is checked. Click Continue.
                      Click Full Text and Peer Reviewed.
                      Type topic in Find box.  Ex:  “stem cells”
                      Click Search.


               3.  Science Resource Center – Click on “Gale Trial Databases.”
                     Type in user name/password:  april/shower
                     In the right-hand box, scroll down to:  Science Resource Center
                     Click on it.  Click on Advanced Search
                     Type topic in  first box  and change Title/headline to Subject.
                     Scroll down to check Full-text documents and Peer reviewed journals

             III.  SIRS Databases and CQ Researcher – Great for credible articles on social and
                     controversial issues. 

Web Sites

CDC – National Center for Infectious Diseases


Prepared by L. Dennis & S. Freedman, 3/22/05