Culture of the 1930’s

Prepared for Mr. Weinert’s & Mr. Niederger’s class









You are being asked to create a PowerPoint Presentation on either a prominent figure of the 1930s or a topic of the 1930s. In order to find accurate information, the following resources are recommended:


Print ResourcesTo find books on the subject use the online catalog

In Subject field, type name of person (last name, first name) or topic


·         Start – Programs – Cherokee Library


·         Cherokee Book & Audiovisual Catalog - 



Online Sources:


To research a Topic or Person:

·        Britannica Online – Encyclopedia

In the search box type the person’s name or type in the   topic.


·        Discovering Collection

In the search box type the term the Great Depression or 1930s.


·        History Resource Center

In the search box type the person’s name or type in the   topic.


·        Facts on File – Select the American History Online section of the database. Under learning Centers –Select:  The Great Depression: 1929-1941.

o       Provides information on events, topics, and people from that period.

o       Provides pictures from that period by clicking the Image icon under Additional Resources.


Additional Database to research a person:


·        American National Biography - Note the person must be deceased.




To obtain additional Images and Video Clips for the PowerPoint:


·        Altavista


·        Yahoo


·        Google








Prepared by A. Martinez and R. Wagner – October, 2006

Posted LD & RW -Oct 2006