Finding Books in the Media Center



                                                                  Use the computers:


Start – Programs – Cherokee Library



Start – Programs – Internet Explorer

Cherokee Book and Audiovisual Catalog



1.      To find books on a specific subject:


      Type your subject (topic) in the FIND BOX.

           Example:    fashion    ----  baseball  --- guitars


      Click on   SUBJECT tab (below Find box)


2.     To find books on a specific genre (ex:  mystery, romance, growing up, horror):


Type the genre in the FIND BOX.


    Example:  mystery fiction,
                       love stories,
                       coming of age,
                       horror fiction or horror,
                       historical fiction, etc.

 Click on   SUBJECT tab (below Find box)


3.     To find a book about a person, biography, memoir, etc.:

            Click on the VISUAL at the top. 
            Click on Famous People.
            Chose your category


Type the person’s last name, first name, in the  FIND BOX.


    Example:    Ford, Henry
                        Clinton, Bill

                        Lance Armstrong
                        Kobe Bryant
                        Bill Gates
                        Gretzky, Wayne
                        Winfrey, Oprah
                         Julia Roberts

Click on   SUBJECT tab (below Find box)





Created and posted by L. Dennis, October 2008.