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 Freshman Research 
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Mrs. Hofmann

  Research Databases   (Get bookmark with passwords for home use.)

1.   EBSCOhost  consists of MasterFILE Premier which includes articles from numerous general reference magazines,
        full text reference books, etc. 
Click on:  EBSCOhost Web ..... Check MasterFILE  Premier......Check "Full Text" box .... 
Type search term(s) in Find box.

                       Example:     "Navajo code talkers"                 Example:  "school uniforms" and behavior     

       Or click on green SUBJECTS tab at the top to do a Subject search.      

2.    SIRS Researcher -  provides general reference, social issues, health, science, and business (full-text)
         articles from scholarly
newspapers and magazines.
Click circle next to Subject Headings .... Type in topic in broad term(s).                 Example:  school uniforms
       Or click circle next to Keyword/Natural Language .... Type in search term(s).       Example:  city of Atlantis

3.    eLibrary - Features more than 1,500 magazines, newspapers, reference works, transcripts, maps,
         images, Web links and audio and video sources.

Type search term(s) in Enter Keywords box.              Example:  homelessness in America

 For credible Web sources, click on Browse Topics tab ......  Type in search term(s).  
                                                             Example:  "school uniforms"

4.  CQ Researcher - Topics range from social and teen issues to environment, health, education and science 
        and technology.

Type search term(s) in Quick Search box.       Example:  single-sex education
click on Advanced Search.

5.   DISCovering Collection  - provides articles in the areas of  literature, history, biographies, science and social studies

      Type topic in the Search by Subject box (choose from drop-arrow menu).          Example:  To Kill a Mockingbird       
        Or type topic in the Search by Keyword box (choose from drop-arrow menu).

6.  Scribner Writers Series and Twayne Authors Series (World, English & U.S. Authors)  -
        Scribner provides extensive essays on authors/ literary works, and  Twayne provides full-text 
        Twayne Literary Masters books on individual literary selections.

        Click on Writers A-Z  or Authors A-Z ........ Select your author from the listing. 
                      Example in Scribner:   Click on L.        Locate:   Lee, Harper.    Click on name for information.

7.    Magill on Literature and Authors - provide plot summaries and critical analyses on literary selections  
          and information on over1,500 notable authors.

        Click on Magill On Literature and Magill On Authors ..... Check both boxes ....  Click Continue. 
           Type topic in Find box.           
                                                                    Example:  Silent Spring

8.   History Resource Center: U.S. - provides numerous historical documents, reference articles, and full-text journals
       covering themes, events, individuals, and periods in U.S. History from pre-Colonial to the present time.

        Type search term(s) in the Basic Search box or click on Person, Subject or Advanced.  
                                                                Example:  "chemical warfare"

Search  Engines

 Librarian’s Index to the Internet – ( The mission of Librarians' Index to the Internet is to 
    provide a well-organized point of access for reliable, trustworthy, librarian-selected Internet resources.

 Google (  - When using this search engine, enclose terms that should be kept together 
    in "quotation marks."

   Book Cart

 On the cart, there are books on many of  the research topics on your assignment sheet.  Look at the books 
   carefully for one(s) on your topic.  Find other books by using the Cherokee Catalog.

    To access the book catalog from the media center computers, click on:   Start, Programs, Cherokee Catalog.  

   To access from home, go to the media center web page ( 
                                  Click on:  Cherokee Library Media Collection.


 Mrs. L. Dennis, South Media Specialist

updated - 2/05