This pathfinder can be accessed from the Cherokee Media Center Homepage


 by clicking on: Assignments—Pathfinders—English—The Great Gatsby


To complete this project, you will need to research:

·                    Characters from the novel

·                    Famous people from the 1920’s

·                    The American Dream (theme)




To access the Cherokee Book and Audio Visual Catalog, from the Cherokee home page:
Click on  Departments—Media Center—Book and Audio Visual Catalog

In the Subject space, type in your title or author to find criticism about the novel
and the author.

Electronic Sources- Great Databases for The Great Gatsby

            There are a number of great databases to use for literary criticism.
         To access the databases from home go to:

Note: For access from home, you need a Media Center password bookmark!  


1.     Facts on File Online Database: Bloom's Literary Reference Online:

Bloom’s Literary Reference Online is a great place to start looking for information on your character.

Search by:  Characters -   Daisy Buchanan, Jay Gatsby

                               Author - F. Scott Fitzgerald

                Themes – American Dream

When reading an article, note the Citation button under page tools.  This will give you the information needed to cite the particular source but it is not in MLA format! You need to take the information provided and format it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


2.       Discovering Collection:  Scroll down to this database.


Type in author’s last name, first name or title of work.

Note: when you find an article look for the source citation button.  

Type in 1920s.   On results page, click on 1920s (Decade) on the left.


3.          Literature Resource Center:   Scroll down to this database.

 Select either Title Search or Author Search

Author Search: Type author’s last name, first name in Search box.

Title Search: Type in the Title of the Work in Search box. Select Exact Title, listed below search box.


4.      MagillOnLiteraturePlus:

 In the Find Box type the “Title” in quotes or Author’s last name, first name. Limit your results to Full Text.
 Look for Essay Reviews or Work Analyses.


5.      Contemporary Authors:     Scroll down to this database.                 
Click on Author Search or Title Search from blue box on the left.
Type author’s last name, first name in Author Search box.
Type title of work in Title Search box.



Other useful Research Databases:


Literary Reference Center:   
      In the Find Box type the "The Great Gatsby" in quotes.


Biography Resource Center Scroll down to this database.

     Look for information about people here.  Type in the person's last name, first name in
     Search by Name box.
   Click on Biographical Facts Search to search by birth year.


History Resource Center: U.S.:   Scroll down to this database.

      Type in 1920s.   On results page, click on 1920s (Decade) on the left.





Created by L. Bakanas/L. Dennis,  December 2007