Author ImageRomeo and Juliet Literary Criticism Assignment

I.     Explore the cart of books selected for this assignment.

            Example:  Shakespearean Criticism – A multi-volume set that
                              provides passages from other published sources on the works

                              of  Shakespeare.  REF 822.33 SHAKESPE (NORTH)

                                              (17 volumes)

            Use the
Gale Literary Index (under Research Databases) - to quickly find specific
                           information in the Shakespearean Criticism and other Gale reference books.
II.     Use Cherokee Library Catalog to find additional books, if necessary.                 
                             Start ---  Programs ---- Cherokee Library                                                       


             Type your broad topic (Romeo and Juliet) in the SUBJECT space.

III.       Use the Research Databases to find additional information.

                   Start ---  Programs ----  Internet Explorer  (


             Click on RESEARCH DATABASES
(To access at home, get bookmark with passwords.)

      a.   Discovering Collection  


                    Type your broad topic in the Search box.  Ex:  Romeo and Juliet
                                        Look for articles that say “Criticism.”

         b.    Magill On Literature Plus  

Click on Magill on Literature Plus.  Click “Full Text” box under
                                                                                 Limit Your Results.  

                    Type topic in quotes in Find box.  
                     Ex:  “Romeo and Juliet”    (Look for “Essay Reviews”.)

          c.   Facts On File  - Literary Reference Online

                   Click on:     Literature  (on the left)
                                       Literary Reference Online 
                   Type in “Search Works” box:   Romeo and Juliet
                         Click on “Romeo and Juliet” article.

                         Scroll down to “Commentary” for criticisms.

d.   Twayne Authors Series – Authors A-Z
                 Click on “S” for Shakespeare.       
Prepared by Mrs. L. Dennis/March 2005