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K.M.  Albom, Mitch Tuesdays With Morrie Tuesdays With Morrie  is about two men, one named Mitch and the other named Morrie.  Morrie was Mitch's college professor, who is now finding himself battling ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease.  When Mitch hears this news, he travels to Morrie's house to spend time with him.  LIttle did he know that from then on, he would spend every Tuesday in his old professor's house talking about their lives.  Morrie changed Mitch's life in so many ways, providing him with advice and his greatest knowledge.  This book is one of the best reads out there that makes us all think and reflect about our purposes in life. I would recommend this book to anyone because it changed my life and I know that it would make an impact on any reader.  Its meaning is so powerful and wise words about living everyday life is expressed.  The amount of love that this author put forth to write this book is shown throughout, and his personal feelings make this novel worthwhile.
9th Grade
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia Hawksong This is a compelling story about two "people" from different worlds, joining together to stop the war between their people. But with so much on the line, can they trust each other?  I would  recommend this book because the author has created an amazing adventure that draws readers in and leaves them begging for more.
9th Grade
Beard, Julie Very Truly Yours I liked this book because it's about the things that so wonderfully surprise you in life and that change you in unimaginable ways.  I would recommend this book because it teaches you a lot about the human condition. 
9th Grade
Brashares, Ann Girls in Pants:
The Third Summer of the Sisterhood
I really enjoyed reading this book.  It was a page-turner like no other.  Ann Brashares really knows how to grab a reader's attention and relate to a teenager's life.  Yes, I would recommend this book to girls (chick book) who like to read realistic fiction.
9th Grade
Brown, Dan The Da Vinci Code This is an awesome, great thrilling mystery that answers age-old questions that no one has really tried to reveal before. I would recommend it to others because it teaches you about myths, legends, and religion; not in the sense of believing in the religion, just understanding it.
9th Grade
Cabot, Meg The Princess Diaries I enjoyed The Princess Diaries a lot.  I saw the movie awhile ago.  They aren't exactly alike but nonetheless enjoyable.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes something with a little bit of reality and some fantasy.  If you [enjoyed the movie], I think you'll enjoy the book [too].
9th Grade
Card, Orson Scott Enchantment This was a good book.  I liked how the author made the Russian tale of Sleeping Beauty so cool.  I would recommend this to others.
9th Grade
Carroll, Jenny Darkest Hour I enjoyed this book because the author gave good details [in presenting the story].  I thought the "common day" idea of magic was really good.  I would recommend this book to people who like romances and a little bit of  fantasy.
10th Grade
Coolidge, Oliver E. Caesar's Gallic War [This book is] very informative.   [Perhaps, it will be able] to fill gaps for those who have limited understanding of ancient Rome and her neighbors. I would recommend this book to students interested in a more detailed view of history.


9th Grade



Cooney, Caroline B.



Driver's Ed.

I really liked this book.  It was about a girl and a boy who liked each other.  They [came up] with this idea to steal a stop sign.  After it was stolen, a woman gets into an accident and dies because of it. This book was really interesting, and I really enjoyed reading it.  It was almost like a murder mystery, but you already knew who the murderer was.  I do recommend this book! [I enjoyed it] and I think others will enjoy it, too!
12th Grade
Coupland, Douglas Hey Nostradamus
This book was amazing.  It brought out a level of emotion that no other book has brought out.  All of the characters seemed realistic and modern.  What made it great was the way that religion is not only questioned, but insulted on some levels.   I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a book that makes them think about modern religion, and different moral understandings.



Cunningham, Michael


A Home at the End of the World

YES, [I would recommend this to others.]  This novel really has a little bit of something for everyone, and gives great insight into different types of families.
10th Grade
Dessen, Sarah This Lullaby This book is amazing!   It addresses teen issues while maintaining a humorous atmosphere.  Remy is a typical teenager who experiences normal teenage dramas, but she keeps a different attitude than most teens in her situation.  She's very strong and funny.  The book is a fast read and will keep you turning the pages!!!  I would definitely recommend this book because it was so real.  There were so many aspects that I could relate to, or at least wish I could.  The book has all different feelings in it.  [However], it is one of the best books that I've ever read.



 Dessen, Sarah


The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever is a great book. It is filled with love, friendships, family, and even death.  The story kept my interest mainly because flashbacks and details were woven through the text.  Yes, I would recommend this book to others.  Girls especially in junior year should read this because they can relate to the main character Macy who is going through boyfriends, SATs, jobs -- all typical junior year things
J.B. Draper, Sharon Battle of Jericho It is [a] great book about what some kids would go through to be a part of a group.  It is a story about high school hazing, love and high tension.  How far would you [go]?
Yes, [I would recommend it to others] because it is a great book that everyone should read to see how far they would go for popularity. 
E.S.  Draper, Sharon Darkness Before Dawn The book was very well-written.
J.K.S. Gaiman, Neil Neverwhere This is an incredible book about fantasy] that makes you question how things really are.
11th Grade
Golding, William The Inheritors At first, you don't get what is going on, but after a while, it gets exciting!
9th Grade
 Hopkins, Cathy Mates, Dates, and
Sleepover Secrets
This book was really good!  I liked the email parts in the book.  [The emails] separated the main character's past (flashbacks) from the present. [This kept me from getting confused.]  Also the point of view changes at the end of the book showed Cathy's unique [writing] style. I recommend this book to girls who know the feeling of being left out [because it shows that] there is hope for everyone.



Lear, Chris


Running with the Buffaloes

[This is a] great book about XC team from Colorado but more about overcoming obstacles and reaching goals- True story. Yes, [I would recommend it to others.]



 Mariller, Juliet


Daughter of the Forest

[This is the] beginning of a beautiful trilogy, "The Seven Waters Trilogy" that I finished about three years ago but have
 never put away. Yes, [I would recommend this to others.] It is beautifully written and a very creative take on Hans Christian Anderson's "The Eleven Swans."
9th Grade
Martin, Kat Hot Rain I love this book because in life, to get what you want, you have to be willing to pay the price no matter [what it costs]; because those who dream are willing to pay, no matter how high the cost.  I recommend this book to others because they may learn a thing or two.
9th Grade
Meyer, L. A. Bloody Jack Bloody Jack is a fantastic read!  Set in the late 1700s, it is the perfect mix of adventure, humor, and young love.  I would recommend this book to others.  It is an entertaining story with an ever-thickening plot.  [I was drawn to this story] from the beginning.
12th Grade
Myers, Walter Dean Monster This book was really confusing because of the way it was set up.  It [gave] the [names of the characters] and what they said or did.  Yes, I would recommend [this book] because it probably is a good book if you can understand it.
9th Grade
Myers, Walter Dean Motown and Didi I really enjoyed this book.  Although it was a story about love, I believe guys would enjoy it also.  The author, Walter Dean Myers, does a good job of keeping you interested throughout the book.  He makes you want to keep reading.  I would recommend this book to others because it was easy to follow, and it makes you feel like you know the [characters]. 
11th Grade



 Palahniuk, Chuck



Just amazing!  I haven't read such a good book in a long time.  It's so different and interesting.  Once I got started it was hard to put it down.  Yes, I would recommend this book to others. It definitely goes at the top of my list.  [This is the] same guy [that] wrote Fight Club.  This guy is awesome.  This is a quick read, too.
9th Grade
Potter, Patricia Broken Honor This book was great because it combined danger, romance, and passion.  Along the way, {it makes you think about] what your life is missing. I would recommend this book because it's a thriller and [I think] others will enjoy it as well [as I did].



Salinger, J.D.


The Catcher in the Rye

The book was very interesting because of the fact that the controversy is huge about it.  The character Holden is a very interesting character and it's interesting how he sort of has his own views on life and doesn't listen to anyone but himself.
[Yes, I would recommend it to others] because it's a very good book!



Sebold, Alice


The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones is a very [riveting story.]  It is written from the perspective of a young girl in heaven.  This book has a great ending and keeps your attention throughout.  I would recommend this book to others, mainly girls.
9th Grade
Shan, Darren Cirque du Freak series This series shows a new side of vampires, one never tried before. I would recommend it to others because it introduces vampires as not just an animal, but almost another race!









Sparks, Nicholas





The Notebook

This book is a tale of true love, and how far two individuals will go to make their feelings known.  Noah Calhoun, one of the main characters, tells Allie Nelson, his beloved wife, their story of life together.  He flashes back in time in order for Allie to remember the joy of their marriage, since she is battling Alzheimers Disease.  Noah reads from his diary about their time raising a family in North Carolina, but he never forgets to mention about the one summer that their love ignited, one in which (sic) that changed them forever.
I would recommend this book to girls, mainly because of the "love story" and the author's comfortable writing.  Also, I'm sure many girls have seen the movie, The Notebook, and it is always fun to compare the both.  From my personal experience, I believe the book is actually better.  So, if you thought the movie was great, try reading this touching love story.
A.B. Sparks, Nicholas The Wedding GREAT BOOK! Yes, [I would recommend it to others] because it's a cute book!  Mostly for girls to read.



Sparks, Nicholas


The Wedding

The Wedding is a great love story.  It is filled with not only love but description as well.  Sparks describes some parts so well you can actually picture what is going on.  The Wedding is a quick reading book of how Wilson's wife Jane had fallen out of love with him and it is all his fault. I would recommend this book to others because it is so well written.  But first you should read The Notebook so you can understand The Wedding
N.B. Stevenson, Robert Louis Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde It was good!  [Yes, I would recommend it to others.]  It was interesting.
9th Grade
Stine, R. L. The Fire Game [This is a ] very good book!   It is very suspenseful, and it makes you want to keep reading. I would recommend it to others because it is very suspenseful and [interesting].

10th Grade



Thompson, Hunter S.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


 I love this book!  [It is] humorously honest, intellectual, and discusses ideas that quite possibly have the capacity to change anyone's outlook on the [ludicrousness] of society and hackneyed dreams.
9th Grade
Vonziege, Cecily You Know You Love Me I really liked this book because it was interesting,  It was about problems that we as teenagers go through but don't always share. [Sometimes], this is not okay at all.  I would recommend this book because [I think others] will enjoy it.

10th Grade


Weyr, Garrett



When I was Older

Although by an author many haven't heard of - and not being widely known - I would say this book truly gave me a sense of comfort in the end.  You find characters you love, like, dislike, and hate - but in the end you find some hope.  I recommend this book to all especially to [those] going through a loss.



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Updated 5/17/06.

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