Locating information on drugs and diseases - using computer resources

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To access at home, go to :   Cherokee Virtual Media Center -  
 (Save to favorites on home computer)

                    Research Databases   (Get bookmark with passwords for home use.)                                                              

1.   Discovering Collection  (email option)

         Select:   Discovering Collection
            Type in term(s) in "Find" box.  Check "Subject"  below.

                  Good for topics on "diseases" and "drugs."

2.   Facts on File Online Databases  (email option) 

        Scroll down to:   Health Reference Center
                       Type in term (s)  in SEARCH box.   


   Ex:  Caffeine and



Good for  diseases.
    Ex:  "testicular

 3.  EBSCOhost Web  (email option) 

      Click on "EBSCOhost Web.
      Only check "Health Source - Consumer Edition."  Click on it.
      **  Check the "Full Text" box below. 
      **  Click the SUBJECTS  green tab above. 
      **  Type term (s) in the Find box above.
     Click on "Browse."

  Ex:  "testicular cancer"

   SIRS Researcher and/or SIRS WebSelect   
                          (email option)
          Type broad subject in "Subject Headings " box.


Ex:  Diabetes 

 5.                              E-Books 

   Click on:     Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Select:  Gale Virtual Reference Library

    Click on:  SHOW ALL
     Under MEDICINE (on right), click on:

a. . The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health   -
      Click on:  Ebook Index        Ex:  Type in box:     Depression

b.   UXL Encyclopedia of Drugs and Addictive Substances -
      Click on:  Ebook Index        Ex:  Type in box:    Over the Counter Drugs  

Drugs and Society   
Facts About Drugs




6.                                         WEB SITES  
        Also on the  Cherokee Media Center Web Page  (
     Click on:
 Subjects Links    (left column)   under  Health & Physical Education  

   Disease Information Links             &                Drug Information Links   
  (See links below)    

Disease Information Links:

American Social Health Association  From top of  page, click on "Learn about STDs/STIs."

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

CDC National Prevention Info. Network (NPIN)    Click on disease topic in left column.

Department of Health and Human Services

ECRI's Bulimia Nervosa Resource Site

Family Doctor.Org

Healthy NJ - UMDNJ  Consumer Health WebSite  Click on "diseases and conditions."

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis

Nemours Foundation

NOAH (New York Online Access to Health)   Type term in Search box - OR - click on "Index A to Z."


Drug Information Links:

Drug Addiction & Advice Project, D.A.A.P.  Select specific drug from listing on the left.

Drug    Click on "Drug Guide" at the top.

FamilyDoctor.Org  (Scroll down to Over the Counter Guide)

Food and Drug Administration

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information

National Institute on Drug Abuse   Look under "Drugs of Abuse" on the right.

Nemours Foundation

Office of National Drug Control Policy   Click on "drug facts" at top of page.

Street Drugs   Pull down "Select" box on the top right.

Web of Addictions


Updated April 2008, L Dennis