General Research

 Prepared for Ms. McGarrity


A.     To Find Books On Your Topic:

Start, Programs, Cherokee Library

    Type broad topic in the SUBJECT space.


B.     To Find Information in the Research Databases  (get bookmark for home use)

For information on a variety of topics from reference books
   Facts On File – Click on a Subject on the left; example, science, history,  literature, career, etc.
                                  Example:   Career – Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center
                                  Example:  History – History Database Center – Select one of the databases


2.   Discovering Collection -  Offers info on people, history, literature, science, health, etc.

                                                 Type broad topic in Subject space.   Example:   Fashion


For information on hundreds of topics from magazines, newspapers and reference books.
3.  EBSCOhost – Click on:  EBSCOhost Web  - Check MasterFILE Premier  & Newspaper Source
                                                Check “full text.”  

4.  eLibrary  - Uncheck formats not needed.  Type topic in SEARCH box.  Example:  “sport cars”


For information on the HISTORY of numerous of  topics
5.  History Resource Center – Offers historical info on people, events, sports, fashion, hobbies, etc.


For information on CAREERS     (See Facts on File above also for Career info)

6.  Coin – 1) Click on EXPLORATION CENTER                       1) Click on EXPLORATION CENTER
                  2) Click on OCCUPATION SEARCH             -OR-   2) Click on QUICK SEARCH

                  3) Click on CAREER CLUSTERS (select one)          3) Click on OCCUPATIONS  (for example)
                  4) Display Occupations (choose from list)                  4) Type YOUR OCCUPATION in the box.


For information on SOCIAL AND CURRENT ISSUES from magazines and newspapers

7.  SIRS – Offers info on topics such as gun control, eating disorders, smoking, etc.

For information on LITERATURE

8.  Magill On Literature Plus – Click on Magill on Literature Plus
9.  Scribner Writers  - Click on Writer A-Z.   Example, click on  K for Stephen King.

Encyclopedia online - Also use the World Book Encyclopedias in South – REF 031 World
10.  Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia – Click on EBSCOhost  - EBSCOhost Web -
                                                                 Funk & Wagnalls
New World Encyclopedia

C.  Web Site:  Biography on A&E


D.  Cherokee Research Paper Guide -  On the media center web page
Prepared by Mrs. L. Dennis – 2/05