Finding Resources for Exemplification Research Assignment
Prepared for Ms. McGarrity



1.   Use for topic ideas:                                                                                                                                                                                              

     a.   Reference set of books:
REF 361.1                         Also use this source  to support your assertion.  

           PROCON                         (18 volumes in South Media Center)


      b. Research Databases:   (on media center web page)

              CQ  Researcher  (BROWSE BY TOPIC  link on the left)  
           SIRS  Click on TOPIC BROWSE tab at the top.
                      On the right, see Top 10 Pro vs. Con Leading Issues.

2.  Use books for information (i.e., for examples and evidence)


        Look for books in the Cherokee Library  (Start, Programs, Cherokee Library)
                                                        or in the

         Cherokee Library Media Collection (on the media center web page)


                                      Type topic in the Subject space.


        If there are too many hits, click on ENHANCED (to the right in the
        Cherokee Library), refine search by adding another term with your topic.

             Example:    Acid rain AND environmental aspects / drinking AND driving 


3.   Use the databases from the Media Center Web Page
        for information also (i.e., for examples, evidence, statistics, etc.)


                                Click on:  Research Databases


a.   SIRS – provides thousands of full-text, scholarly magazine and newspaper articles

                   pertaining to current, controversial, social and political topics.
                     *Use SKS WebSelect for credible Internet articles.           


b.   Facts on File Newsprovides news every week from more than 100 major
        newspapers, news magazines, other periodicals, and government and online sources
       from the U.S.and around the world.
                         Check specific database under AVAILABLE DATABASES.
                                            EX:  Issues and Controversies
                           Type search term(s) in SEARCH and click on GO.


c.   CQ Researcher – Covers the most current and controversial issues of the day with
                                    summaries and insight into all sides of the issues.
                                        Type topic in QUICK SEARCH box.


d.   EBSCOhost – provides numerous magazine and newspaper articles on current,
                              social and controversial topics. 

                              1.  Click on EBSCOhost Web
                              2.  Check MasterFILE Premier and Newspaper Source
                                                       Click CONTINUE

                              3.  Under LIMIT YOUR RESULTS, click  FULL TEXT
4.   Type search term(s) in FIND box in “quotes.”

                            NOTE:   For scholarly journal articles, click PEER REVIEWED.


                                     4.     OR to search by SUBJECT:
                                           Check MasterFILE Premier (only)
                                                        Click CONTINUE
                                           Click SUBJECTS tab at the top.
                                           Type broad topic in box.
                                                       Click BROWSE
                                           In VIEW list, click on PERIODICAL REFERENCES
                                               (Look for “Full Text” articles.)

 e.  Discovering Collection – provides articles from reference books on history, science,
                                               social studies, literature, and people.



 f.  History Resource Center: U.S.  – Provides articles from reference books, journals,
                                                              historical documents on people, places,
                                                             events, and issues from a historical perspective.


***Get a bookmark from the media center with the passwords to the databases for home access.

4.  Use credible web sites.   For example:
       Debate  - one stop shopping for debate issues.                                                                                                                                              


Note:    The Cherokee Research Paper Guide is on the front page of the
              media center web site.


Created by Mrs. L. Dennis, Feb. 2005.
Updated by L.D., Feb. 2006