To access this sheet, go to media center page.
In left column, click on Assignments, Pathfinders,
(on the right) Social Studies, Political leaders                       Prepared for Mr. Agnew


Use the sources below to get started on your legislative branch research assignment:


I.  Research Databases -  Access from the Media Center Web Page  (www.lrhsd.org/chmedia)

                                                    From the Cherokee School page, click on Departments, Media Center

                                                    On the media center page, click on Research Databases in the left column.


 EBSCOhost Web - Access thousands of magazine, journal, and newspaper articles from national and international sources.

                                Check boxes, MasterFILE Premier and Newspaper Source.  Click Continue.
                                Check the full-text box.

                                Type name in Find box.  Ex:  Menendez, Robert    or
                                                                      Ex: “Robert Menendez”
                                                                      Look for name in the left column under  Narrow results by subject.”


INFOTRAC Elite 500 -  Access thousands of magazine and newspaper articles including articles from the New York Times.
                                       Check box:   “to articles with text”  
Type last name, first name in box.

                                       View articles and subdivisions

For background info, try:   SIRS  
Click on Databases Features (gray tab at top)                                     
                                             Click on U.S. Congress” (in 2nd column)
                                             Select “state” and “office held” from pull-down boxes.

*To access these databases from home, get a password bookmark from either media center.

II.  Credible Web Sites

 On the Issues (http://www.issues2000.org/Senate/Senate.htm#nj)
               Scroll down to New Jersey.   Click on desired senator’s name for information.

MSN National Journal-2006 Campaign Tracker NJ  - See Senate Races and House Races (left column)


Robert Menendez    Appointed U. S. Senator for New Jersey – On the issues

Thomas Kean, Jr. -  NJ State Senator (Republican challenger for U.S. Senator for New Jersey)


Frank Lautenberg  – U.S. Senator for New JerseyOn the issues - (http://www.issues2000.org/Senate/Frank_Lautenberg.htm)


Frank Lautenberg -  U.S. Senator for New Jersey (http://lautenberg.senate.gov)

                                  Click on “Issues” on the left.

Jim Saxon – Member of the House of Representatives Evesham Twp.
                     Click on the “Issues” on the left.


             On the Issues (http://www.issues2000.org/NJ/Jim_Saxton.htm)


              Congressman Jim Saxon (http://www.house.gov/saxton)

                      See boxes on the left for issues also.


              Congressman Jim Saxon Biography (http://www.house.gov/saxton/bio.htm)

                     See links at the bottom of the page also, for example,
                                      newsletters, Saxton in action, etc.



Prepared by Mrs. L. Dennis, South Media Center  10/2006