Short Story Resources

***Check for  literary criticisms
of  your story in this reference
    set of books:                                        

    Short Story Criticism (SSC)
            REF 809.3 SHORT
                   (in South)  






                                I.  Finding Short Stories:


A.                   Find Short Stories in Books, using the Catalog:   


                      START --- PROGRAMS --- CHEROKEE LIBRARY

                      In the Title space:      Type title of story       OR                                                                                 
                      In the Author space:  Type author's last name, first name  
                                     LOOK FOR  SC  (story collection)  call numbers.  


B.                Find Short Stories by Browsing the Short Story Book Collection:

  BROWSE SC Section of books in the media centers arranged
                     alphabetically by author's last name.


C.        Find Short Stories in Research Database - Story Finder

Go to Media Center Web Page.
                Click on: 
Research Databases (Get bookmark with passwords for home use.)

                Click on LitFinder- Stories
In Basic Search box:
               Type "title in quotes" OR the authors last name, first name.
                Check the STORIES box below.

                OR  click on the  ADVANCED SEARCH link under LITERATURE.
                        Type title in Record Title box.
                        Type author's name in Author box.
                        Change Type to: Stories (pull down menu)

                To print story, click on:  "Print Text"  in green print.


D.    Find  Short Stories on the Web:

          Classic Reader  -

          East of the Web Short Stories -

          The English Server Fiction Collection: Short Fiction -

                       II.  Finding  Criticisms:


A.       Use the following set of reference books in the South Media Center:


           Short Story Criticism (SSC)
              REF 809.3 SHORT
          Look up your author in the  Cumulative Author Index in the back of each vol.
                 Look up your title in the Cumulative Title Index in the backs of
 Vols. 1-42.

B.           Use Gale's Literary Index
to find the Location of criticisms in SSC (see above)
and other Gale reference books.
           Go to Media Center Web Page.
           Click on:  Research Databases

              Click on: 
Gale's Literary Index
              Click on:  Author Search or Title Search

For Title search, check box:  "match all words entered"

C.             Use the Cherokee Catalog to find criticisms in other books:

                  START --- PROGRAMS --- CHEROKEE LIBRARY

                  In the Subject  space:     Type authorís last name, first name


                 In the Subject space:      Type the title of the story.

Look for call numbers that read:  800's -  ex:  813             


D.               Use the Research Databases to find criticisms:

             Go to Media Center Web Page.
             Click on:  Research Databases
(Get bookmark with passwords for home use.)

            1. Click on  Discovering Collection 

                   Type "title" in quotes OR type author's last name, first name
                    in box.       Look for articles that say "Criticism" and "Study Questions."

               2.  Click on MagillOnLiteraturePlus.  

                   Type "title" in quotes in Find box.  
                  Type author's last name, first  name in Find box.
                  Check "Full text" box (under Limit Your Results).  
                  Click Search.  Look for Work Analyses and Essay Reviews.

           3.    Click on Literature Resource Center


               Type author's name in the Author Search box.

                            In results:  Click on Literary Criticism tab.


                  Type title in the Title box (click on Title blue box).
                     Click on "All Words Entered"  or   "Exact Title."


         4.      Click on Facts on File Reference
                      Scroll to: Literature:  Literary Reference Online
Click on Authors, to search for authors.
                       Click on Works, to search for title.
                             Type title in box and select a genre (pull-down menu):  Short Stories
                             Look for "Critical Essays."


III.  Cite your sources correctly by using the: Cherokee HS Research  Booklet  on the Media Center Front Page.                     
    _____________________  Mrs. Dennis, March 2006