Famous People for DinnerÖ..A Pathfinder

††††††††† Your assignment is to invite 5 people that have impacted culture and society to your house for a dinner party. This pathfinder will help you use print and non-print materials that are available in the Cherokee Library Media Center, on the Research Databases and on the Internet.††††††††††

Print Materials:


Use the Cherokee Online Catalog:

         From School: Start →→ Programs →→ Cherokee Library
Then in the Subject Box type the personís last name then first name.


         From Home: http://cmcweb.lr.k12.nj.us/. Click on Cherokee Library Media Collection. Then in the Subject Box type the personís last name then first name.

Specialized Reference Sources: (Encyclopedias, biographic information)

         REF 030 Comptonís Encyclopedia (N)

         REF 031 World Book Encyclopedia (S)

         See Also: REF 920ís Ė Collected Biographies


Reference Databases:

From School: Start →→ Programs→→ Internet Explorer to access the Cherokee Virtual Library Page (the media center page):

From Home:http://cmcweb.lr.k12.nj.us/††  *(Get bookmark with passwords for home use.)

Click on Research Databases :

1. Britannica Online:
Type in the personís name in the search box.
Check off either: Encyclopaedia Britannica or Britannica†† Student Encyclopedia. Click GO

2. Discovering Collection:
Type in last name, first name in box. Click Search

3. Facts on File

4. History Resource Center


Online Sources:

  1. Biography-center.com : http://www.biography-center.com/

  2. The Biographical Dictionary : http://www.s9.com/

  3. Biography Index:http://www.biography.com/

















Prepared by M. Cathers and A. Martinez- November 2005