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Under Techniques & Guides - click on “surf the world for culinary creativity” which links to 
            "good cooking world tour."  Don’t hesitate to investigate and follow your instincts.  
            Cooking dictionary, world tour, culinary facts, etc.

Burtwolf.comUnder Browse Recipes click on By TV show location for international cuisine

Foodtv.comclick on Cooking then "global cuisine"

Global Gourmet Under Departments click on “global destinations” provides links to a variety of countries

Chef to Chef Culinary Portal - - Click on a Flag to get that countries' recipes Under Recipes click on "Browse" then look under Cuisine

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - - Click on "Go to the Recipes Indexes"

CopyKat -   food practices and culture of various countries


Type in "international recipes"





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International Foods
last updated 18 September 2003