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The Bill of Rights – Honors Power Point Presentations 

Objective:  The student will be able to explain the concept of the Constitution as a living document by analyzing the Bill of Rights and the amendment process.

Assessment:  Group Power Point

·         Identify a right you have as a citizen from the following list

-          Freedom of Speech

-          Freedom of Religion

-          Freedom of Press

-          Right to assemble peaceably (association)

-          Right to petition

-          Right to bear arms

-          States rights to maintain a militia

-          Right to be secure in your persons and property

-          Rights of accused persons – grand jury, self incrimination, tried once for a crime, due process, and private property used by government only under legitimate circumstance where the individual is compensated

-          Right to a swift and fair trial

-          Right to a jury trial in cases of civil suits heard in federal courts

-          Moderation in bails, fines, and punishments, no cruel and unusual punishment

-          Rights not enumerated – people retain rights not stated in the Constitution

-          Powers not delegated – Retention of undeleted powers by People and States. Limits federal government to those powers clearly “delegated” in the Constitution

·         Identify the amendment that protects that right

·         Identify, research and analyze relevant court cases that have upheld or challenged that right

·         Display examples of that right in use today and in the past

Groups:  Will randomly be chosen.  Three students will compose one group.  You will be scored according to a customized rubric as well as your group members.  Each category in the rubric will be worth 15 points.  Student evaluation will be worth ten points (5 Points from each group member).

Research/Topics: Once a right has been chosen then another group cannot use it.  We will choose the selection order for topics in class.  Research should begin as homework on Wednesday night.  Thursday and Friday we will be in the Media Center.  This time alone will not be sufficient for all of your research, that is why it is imperative that group members do outside work.

Ø      I have done some preliminary research for you with my hotlist.  I suggest using the sites provided there.

Media Center- go directly to the media center on both Thursday, September 18th and Friday September 19th. 

Presentations:  Will begin on Monday, September 22nd.  The lineup for presenters will be volunteer first and then delegated by me. Each member is expected to speak an equal amount of time during presentation.     


Peer Evaluation – Evaluator_____________________________

Name of group member:_________________________________

Group Topic:___________________________

Circle One

5        Perfect.  Participated in research, used media center time effectively, assisted effectively in presentation

4        Good.  Did a decent share of work but was not in proportion to other group member in area of research, media-center contribution, or classroom presentation

3      Fair.    Did some work but was not in proportion to other group member in area of research, media center contribution, and/or classroom presentation

2        Poor.   Contributed little or none to any specific requirement for this project


Created September 2003
By Mr. A. Gallo