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Westward Movement Project

We will be spending three days in the COMPUTER LAB doing research for your projects. Please come to class prepared.  You will need this handout, a writing utensil, and a notebook everyday.

Assignment Requirements:

  1. Each student will need to write a minimum of ten diary entries.   The entries should include accurate details of your journey through the Midwest territories.   Each account entry should included hardships encountered, places traveled to, meal consumption, and any other facts that may be relevant to your chosen journey

Drawings of sights, animal encountered, schooners, or other major events            
are encouraged for this project

  1. Included with your project will be a Bibliography explaining the sources that were used to complete this project.

(At least three sources required)

Your assignment is as follows  -

1.      Imagine you are a Cherokee Native American traveling by force along the Trail of Tears

Entry Example

  1. Place Name: New Echota, Georgia
  1. Date: April 15, 1837
  1. Journal Entry:

Please feel free to look around each of the selected websites to find information on your chosen topic.

(You are not limited to using these sites but any information that will be needed for this assignment can be found within the information that they provide)



Option A  -  Trail of Tears Research

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 1. Trail of Tears –  
 *** This site will provide links to several eyewitness accounts of what took place on the Trail of Tears.  It also provides links to other various sites that will give you general information.

 2. The Cherokee "Trail of Tears" 1838-1839  -
 *** An excellent resource for research.  This site will have actual stories and statistics.  Maps of the trails taken and towns passed through can also be found.

 3. Accounts of the "Cherokee Trail of Tears" –  
 *** This site gives a descriptive account of what exactly took place.  The information provided will tell the tale of the Cherokee people in an essay format.

4.  About North Georgia -

*** Gives the history of this event as well as highlighted links to descriptive passages. You may want to explore this site to familiarize yourself with the event   

5. Samuel’s memory -

*** Samuel Cloud turned 9 years old on the Trail of Tears. Samuel's Memory is told by his great-great grandson, Michael Rutledge, in his paper Forgiveness in the Age of Forgetfulness. Michael, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, is a law student at Arizona State University.

6. Trail of Tears Site
Decent maps of the trail can be located here.

7. According to the Georgia history site.



Trail of Tears Rubric – 100 points total



Excellent  5

Good  4

Fair   3

Poor   2


·        All details accurate

·        Rich, detailed account of hardships

·        All places accurate

·        Outstanding information

·        Logical, easy to follow story

·        Includes several historically accurate people

·        Most details accurate

·        Detailed account of hardships

·        Most places accurate

·        Appropriate information

·        Easy to follow story

·        Includes 1-2 historically accurate people

·        Some details accurate

·        Accurate account of hardships

·        Some places accurate

·        Information basic

·        Confusing story

·        Includes 1 historical person

·        Few details accurate

·        Sketchy account of hardships

·        Few places accurate

·        Omissions in information

·        Hard to follow story

·        Includes 1 or no real people

Written Elements

·        Few if any errors

·        Accurate works cited for at least 3 sources

·        All entries proofread and revised

·        All entries are fluent and transition smoothly to the next

·        All entries are on topic

·        Few errors

·        Accurate works cited for 2-3 sources

·        Entries proofread and revised

·        Entries are moderately fluent and transition to the next

·        Most entries are on topic

·        Some errors

·        Works cited for 2- 3 sources

·        Some entries proofread

·        Uneven development with loose connections

·        Some entries are on topic

·        Many errors

·        May have a works cited

·        Few entries proofread

·        Little or no fluency or connections

·        Few entries are on topic


·        10 or more

·        Includes excellent map

·        Includes at least 3 drawings

·        Turned in on time or early

·        All entries in correct format

·        8-10

·        Includes detailed map

·        Includes 2- 3 drawings

·        Turned in 1-2 days late

·        Most entries in correct format

·        6-8

·        Includes map

·        Includes at least 1drawing

·        Turned in 2-3 days late

·        Some entries in correct format

·        Less than 6

·        Poor or missing map

·        Poor or missing drawings

·        3 or more days late

·        Few entries in correct format

Visual Elements

·        Excellent detailed map

·        3 accurate, detailed color drawings

·        All visuals support purpose

·        All visuals show outstanding effort

·        Detailed map

·        3 accurate, color drawings

·        Most visuals support purpose

·        Most visuals show good effort

·        Adequate map

·        2-3 drawings

·        Some visuals support purpose

·        Visuals show fair effort

·        Map poor or missing

·        At least 1 drawing

·        Few visuals support purpose

·        Few visuals show outstanding effort

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