Listed below are the names of  persons/events associated with the American Civil War.  You and a partner are to work together to gather facts, photographs, maps, contributions, or words describing your choice.
Together you will create a collage (artistic composition of pasted fragments) and upon completion present this to your classmates.

Option A - Ulysses S. Grant
Option B - Abraham Lincoln
Option C - Buffalo Soldiers
Option D - Robert E. Lee
Option E - Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
*** Valuable Civil War Sites listed at bottom of page ***

Ulysses S. Grant

 1.      Ulysses S. Grant Home Page  


-         Site provides a summary of Grantís life, Rare Photos, and a list of Basic Info on this great generalís life.  

  2.  Ulysses S. Grant Network


- Comprehensive site giving information on Grant's life, a gallery of portraits, debunking myths, and a guide for students


  3. The Affection of Modesty: The Strange Career of Ulysses S. Grant


   - This reading helps explain the character and personality of Grant


Abraham Lincoln

 1.      Abraham Lincoln Research Site

-         Summary of his life, famous quotes, poems, and great links

 2.      Lincoln Home

-         Lincolnís writings and speeches put together in a chronological fashion

 3.      Abraham Lincoln: Savior of the Union

-         Stories, poems, pictures, quotes and links can all be found at this site  

4.      Abraham Lincoln ďHonest AbeĒ

-         Tribute to the work and life of Abe Lincoln

 5.      The Gettysburg Address

-         A reading of this famous speech

 6.      Virtual Visit: The Emancipation Proclamation

-         Facts about the proclamation, photographs of the manuscript, and Lincolnís feelings on slavery can all be found at this site

 7.      History of the Proclamation

-         insight into one of our countryís most important and controversial documents


Buffalo Soldiers

 1. The Buffalo Soldiers

-         Brief history and sketches


2.     Hall of Black Achievement  

-         History and picture of Civil War Hero William H. Carney of the 54th Massachusetts


3. BuffaloSoldiers.Net

- Biographies of soldiers, pictures and good links


4. African American Warriors


- click on Buffalo Soldiers and explore page of information


5. The International Museum of the Horse

- A brief summary of the Buffalo Soldiers' part in the Civil War


Robert E. Lee

1.      Robert E. Lee Memorial Home Page  

-         Biographical sketch of Lee, Chronology, Opinion on slavery, and some pictures  

2. USA: Robert E. Lee


- Reading on the life and character of General Lee



  Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

1. Stonewall Jackson Resources Virginia Military Institute Archives 


        - Frequently asked questions, biographical information, and Jackson's own comments on John Brown

2. Stonewall Jackson's Home Page


    - Early life, War years, and Older Life of the famous general

3. Stonewall Jackson: biography of a confederate general


    - Describes the general's odd behavior and admiration by his men 




1.      The American Civil War  


- Provides an abundance of information ranging in all areas of civil war history  

2. The American Civil War Maps and Timeline


- Maps, Generals, Battles, Stories, Flags, and much more



- great images of generals, officials, Lincoln, and much more