The Civil War has often been called the first “modern” war.  Technological advances in weaponry produced

causalities at an unimaginable level.  But behind the battles and the bloodshed were real people living in the

 midst of unspeakable horror.   The purpose of this project is to gain some insight into the lives and thoughts

of soldiers, both Confederate and Yankee, women from opposing sides of the Mason-Dixon Line,  and the

 African American who had more to gain and lose in this war than anyone. 



 For this project you will be required to:

Choose ONE battle from the Civil War that most interests you.

Choose whether you are a Confederate Soldier, Union soldier, a woman that was a witness (or nurse),

or an African American soldier.

Write three journal entries from that battle.

If you choose a battle like Gettysburg, you can do one journal entry from each day,

 or three in one day.

If you choose a battle like Antietam, you will write all three entries from the same day

(or the very next day, i.e. Sept. 17&18)


You will have to use the library for this project.  ALL MATERIALS USED MUST BE PRINTED OUT

OR PHOTOCOPIED AND HIGHLIGHTED. This will be explained in class.


Make your journal as creative as possible; include battle maps, plans, pictures, etc.

Make a cover. Creativity is always rewarded.


THIS PROJECT IS WORTH A TEST GRADE (200 POINTS)…really put effort into it.

Good Luck and have fun!!!!



WARNING: Searching the internet is a time consuming process. I have attempted to help you by providing

these links; however, if you find yourself aimlessly looking and reading sites – STOP and begin to write a

journal entry.


Union and Confederate soldier diaries and letters- – Letters from an Iowa soldier - The memoirs, diary, and life of Private

Jefferson Moses, Company G, 93rd Illinois Volunteers. A Compilation of letter, stories, diaries

from the soldiers, sailors, nurses, politicians, ministers, journalists and citizens during

he war of rebellion From the newspapers of Massachusetts – Letters from Confederate troops from Kentucky - The Living Civil War  - traces two communities through the civil war - The American Civil War Homepage - Selected Civil War Photographs


Women in the Civil War – This site has dairies of women from both the north and the south – A Southern women’s account of Sherman’s March to the Sea – The Wartime Journal of a Georgia girl

Civil War Women – Archive Collections


 African American soldiers in the Civil War – African Americans four letters – Letters from runaway slaves - About troops that served

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System -


   Battle Sites

Format- Follow along with the examples and guidelines provided in class.

Grading –

Scoring Rubric (Possible Ten Point Scale)

On Time 5 points – If your paper is late more than one day an additional five points will be

 deducted for each day your project is late.

3 Journal Entries ( 1page each entry) 15 Points each – 3 x 15 = 45points

Punctuation, Spelling, Grammar – 15 points

Neatness/Originality – 15 Points (work should be presented in an authentic journal fashion)

Cover page – 10 points

Works Cited – 10 points (to include photocopies of material)

Total 100 points x 2 = 200points


Created February 2002

A. Gallo