Finding Biographical Information on Contemporary Athletes, Musicians and Other Entertainers

Use the Computer to Find Books:

Start --- Programs -
Cherokee Library
(Book Catalog)

In the Subject space, type the personís last name, first name.

Look for Call Numbers 920 and 921.

Example: 921 Iverson

Some Reference Sources:

REF       The Oxford
796.03    Companion
OXF       to World
North      Sports and

REF       The Lincoln
796        Library of
LINC     Sports
South     Champions

REF      Contemporary
780.92   Musicians

REF      The Grolier
920        Library of
GROL    North
South     Biographies

REF        World Book
031         Encyclopedia
North South

Also for Books:

Browse the General
920 and 921 sections for collective and individual biographies.

Browse in the General and Reference Collections:

780ís - for information
on musicians.

790ís - for information on athletes, actors, actresses, and other types of performers.

Browse the Reference 920ís for collective biographies.



Use the Computer:

Cherokee Virtual Library -

Click on: Research

Select:    Discovering

Click on: Person Search

Type: personís last name,
first name in Search box.

Use the Computer:

Web site:

Biography on A&E

Type: last name, first name
         in Search box.

Use the Computer:

Search Engine:

Search Example:

"Allen Iverson"
and biography

Type your personís
name in "quotation marks" and biography.

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Created by: Mrs. L. Dennis
Last updated: Nov. 2003