Social Studies/World Cultures links found by using the Cherokee High School Virtual Library.

Especially good sources are CIA Factbook, Incore Country Guide, and Latin American Network Information Center

 Amnesty International which links to an A to Z country index of information about human rights. 

Fielding Travel Guide to the world’s most dangerous places. Not a government source, but a travel guide published by an established company. 

Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom Travel Advisory
Gives travelers information on recent political developments around the world.
Pull page down to find countries listed.

Human Rights Watch  is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world.  (Choose country from list on web site)

United States Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor of the US Department of State  has provided this site to give country reports on human rights practices.

Unites States Department of State issues travel warnings based on all relevant information to recommend that Americans avoid travel to certain countries in conflict.

Mrs. Witzig  October 19, 2000
For Ms Rulo
World Cultures—Latin America