Pathfinders & iSearches
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These pathfinders are to be used to assist the student in finding information when researching in the library or on the Internet. These sources may be available at school only - or they may also be available at home.  The Cherokee Bookmark with the information to use the Internet Subscriptions at home is available in the Media Center.

Careers in Art (Henning)
Careers in Art (Wilson)
Figurative Sculpture

iSearch-Books, Research Dbs & Web Sites

Book Selection (Ms. McGarrity)
British Research Paper
Controversial Issues Research Paper 
The Effect of Gamma Rays...Research Paper
Exemplification Research Paper
Finding Biographical Information on Literary Authors
Finding Criticisms on the Works of African-American Authors
 Finding Literary Criticism for Literary Criticism Papers
Freshman Research Paper Resources
The Great Gatsby Research (Ms. Chappell)
Issues in Psychology (Mrs. Leimberg)
JFK Assassination Theories
Journalism Oral Report - Journalistic Careers

Literary Criticism Research
Classic Movie Reviews -- Research Project

Oedipus the King Criticism Pathfinder
Short Story Resources
To Kill a Mockingbird - Background Information


Creative Writing 
TV & Movie Reviews

Family & Consumer Science
Architectural Styles
Early Childhood
Cake Decorating
Careers in Housing

Health / Physical Education
Freshman Health Project
Tobacco Project (Ms. Holden)

Baroque Composers
Classical & Romantic Composers
Rock Music

Brain: Drugs, Diseases, and other Health Conditions

Biography of a Chemist
Biological Current Event Research
Earth Science Careers Project

Planet Travelogue
Viral Infectious Diseases
History of Astronomy

DNA Research Project

Social Studies/Sociology

African Nations
Amendments to the Constitution (Agnew)
European Figures
Continent/City Project
Elections 2004
Electing a President
Famous People for Dinner
Latin American Conditions
Controversial Issues
Historical Events
Legalization of Marijuana
Low-income Project
Library Research for US History II
Modern Social Problems
Political Leaders, the Issues
Researching the 1930's
Researching the 1960's
Roaring Twenties
Trail of Tears

U.S. History II
U.S. History II-Thesis
World War I Essay, Weapons
World War I

World War I Research Topics

Electronics  & Technology - Career Exploration (Mr. Allen)
Career Project using Coin Career Database (Mr. Peoples)

Careers and College Search
Career and College Search 
Career Exploration
Coin Career Community Project (Guidance)
Resume Writing

Library Reference Databases
Using EBSCOhost

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