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Completing Your WebQuest

WebQuest Class for the Lenape Regional High School District
Winter Session 
Class # 1
                       Class # 2                       
  Class # 3 

Introduction | The Task | Resources | The Process | Learning Advice | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits


You have learned what WebQuests are and may have even completed some WebQuests. You have an idea for a WebQuest and are ready to write one that can be shared with other educators and students.  If you have questions about how to prepare and share a WebQuest, you are at the appropriate place.

A WebQuest is an interactive learning activity that has three key elements that make it different from just searching for knowledge.

  1. There is a problem to be solved.
  2. Information about the problem is gathered from the web by a group, all of whom have different roles based on those who would have different vested interests in the solution.   The following WebQuests were developed by the teachers of Lenape Regional High School District.

                     Lenape Regional High School WebQuests

      3.  The solution to the problem is reached through negotiation and agreement of all parties.

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The Task

Your task, writing a WebQuest:

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These links are available for the WebQuest class to use to accomplish the task. These links are resources that may help with your WebQuest. 


The Process 

  1. Choose a template to use. The templates may be found on the internet sources.   Download one of these to your computer and use.  You may pick whatever template you feel comfortable with.  Notice I used one of the templates to make this site.
  2. Open the Template from your computer's hard drive with a Web Publishing Program such as MicroSoft FrontPage 
    Enter your ideas for your WebQuest on the Template.
  3. Save WebQuest with appropriate title and three (3) letter HTML extension (htm).   Make sure you save all of the pictures that you use.  Pictures should have the .jpeg or the .gif ending.
  4. Evaluate the appearance and accuracy of the  ongoing WebQuest by previewing in a web publishing program such as Frontpage at the second class.
  5. Publish the WebQuest on Lenape web server on 3rd class:   Give the document to Melody DeVan at Cherokee on the last class to accomplish this task or if finished earlier, you may email me the document and all of the pictures.
  6. Use your WebQuest and have the class participation paper signed by your supervisor.   



WebQuest Seminar   Winter Session 2003

Title of WebQuest__________________________________________________________________

Author/School  of the WebQuest_______________________________________________________

Web Address of the WebQuest________________________________________________________

WebQuest was used in the classroom/library on (date/dates) __________________________________

Grade Level and Class that used the WebQuest____________________________________________

Signature of your supervisor that the WebQuest was used with a class.___________________________


Learning Advice

Learning Advice: Some WebQuest writers may wish to start out with pencil and paper, others may wish to go to the WebQuest Template and do WebQuest without consulting or following most of the steps or consulting any of the materials. Other WebQuest writers may want to follow all the steps and consult all the materials.

It is anticipated you will find an approach to writing WebQuests that will use your own strengths and probably change over time. Good learning advice is probably JUST DO WEBQUESTS. Probably the best learning advice is teach your students to do WebQuests.

Remember:  Don't reinvent the wheel.  There are some great WebQuests out there already that may just need fine tuning for your class.  They will also give you great ideas to start.

Use pictures and sites to accomplish your goal.  Remember sometimes a picture is copyrighted.  You must ask permission to use the picture unless you are using clip art  ( like I did on this page).  To ask permission, just email the author of the web page and tell them why you want to use the picture.  99% of the time you will get the permission you need.  Using an acknowledgement section seems to be what the major web pages are doing.  Be sure that you do that for any pictures that you might use.


To receive the credit from Lenape Regional High School District

   1.  Attend all three classes.
   2.  At the second class, have the beginnings of the WebQuest to show the class.
   3.  At the third class, your WebQuest will be completed and ready to be put on the server.                 
   4.  Plan the class and use the WebQuest at your school during the next semester. 
   5.  Have your supervisor sign that you used your WebQuest in a class unit or project.
   6.  Return form to Mrs. DeVan at Cherokee and credit will be issued by the School District.


Congratulations! You may now have published a WebQuest which will allow students to engage in meaningful learning using internet resources. Please help educators and students by continuing your publication of WebQuests, and helping colleagues develop WebQuests. If you have any problems, questions, or just want to talk about your efforts please email to my address below.


List here the sources of any images, music or text that you're using.   Provide links back to the original source. Say thanks to anyone who provided resources or help. 

List any books and other  media that you used as information sources as well.

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