Researching Colleges And Careers On The Internet

The Internet has become a powerful tool in researching colleges, careers and financial aid.  Below are listed just a few of the sites that can provide users with college and scholarship searches, financial aid information, career information and general guidelines on finding the best post-secondary educational opportunities.

College Information:

             This site is sponsored by the College Board. In addition to allowing the user to conduct a college search, students can also access other College Board services such as registering for the SAT, SAT practice questions, and applying online to more than 300 colleges.   The “My Organizer” feature allows the student to use the site to keep track of important deadlines and tasks, with automatic reminders.   This is one of the best sites for college planning.

This site is sponsored by ACT, the company that produces the American College Test.  Many southern and mid-western colleges prefer scores from the ACT.  At this site you can register online to take the ACT, search for colleges and purchase test preparation materials.

              Peterson’s provides information on study abroad, careers and summer programs as well as the usual information on colleges. Students can save their work on colleges searches and comparisons and then return at a later time to continue.  Along with the College Board site, this is one of the most useful resources for college researchers.

             This address takes the user to the site of US News and Report and their ratings/rankings of colleges as published in the magazine.  Students can compare college stats, predict college costs and search for scholarships.

              This site offers college and scholarship searches.  You can submit questions to “Ask the Experts” and read through the archives of previous questions and articles.  Students can also take full-sized practice SAT and ACT tests.

              This site is maintained by the Princeton Review.  A scholarship search is available, as is a section for parents' issues.  Students can also apply online.

            Students can use this site to search for colleges and scholarships.  On-line applications for over 1500 colleges are also available.  A recruitment services allows students to create a profile that colleges can access.

              Parents, as well as students will find this site useful.  It provides profiles of 3,700+ individual colleges, links to specific college web pages and on-line applications.  The career search allows students to look for career suggestions based on a personal inventory. Students can also look for specialized schools such as Christian colleges and Historically Black colleges.  This site has lots to offer.

              Advice on admissions and financial aid is available at this site.  Parents have a section dealing with their questions.  Athletic information is also available about the various colleges. A scholarship search is also available.

            Go to Yahoo's home page and click on education.  A wide variety of college search topics is available.  Information on business, law and medical schools is featured.  You can also find listings of Historically Black Colleges, American Indian Tribal Colleges and Community/Technical Schools.

              The College Parents Association sponsors this site, which includes a section on scholarship, scams, alcohol abuse on campus and many other topics of concern to parents sending their children off to college.

              This is a comprehensive site dealing with both two and four year colleges and features extensive information about college scholarships, tips on application/essay writing and advice on interviews. There is even a section with maps showing where the colleges are located.                                             

 Take a tour of the college of your choice without leaving home.  Virtual tours are available from college web sites around the country.

            This site offers the usual college search, but for Christian schools.

              Articles are posted for high school students preparing for college as well as students already at college.

              This site provides information on careers, technical schools and colleges.  Graduate and undergraduate program information is available, as well as a good explanation of the difference between colleges, universities and technical schools.  Cherokee students can use the member code '32276869011' to reap even more information and benefits from this site.

              Check here for a list of Jesuit colleges in the United States and their web site links.

              At this site, users can conduct a college search, get profiles on colleges/ universities and read articles on a variety of college-related topics.

              This is the home of Athletes Online.  High school athletes can post their profiles for college coaches to review.

              This site is maintained by Security On Campus, a non-profit organization geared toward the prevention of campus violence.  Parents and students can look at campus crime statistics, as well as get tips on campus safety.

This site features areas dealing with preparing for, selecting, applying, deciding and financing a college education.  There is an excellent section for parents also.

This site offers information on admissions, financial aid and test preparation tips.  There is also a directory of e-mail addresses for college admissions and financial aid offices.

This site offers information on test preparation, loans, scholarships and college admissions.  You can also take an essay writing course and use the virtual college tours.

This site offers an “Ask the Counselor” feature.  You can also sign up for a free newsletter.

            This site is dedicated to information on Historically Black Colleges.

This site helps students who will attend county college to plan their courses to meet the requirements of the four-year school to which the student plans to transfer.  Users can see the course equivalents for the participating colleges.

            Here you can view a statement from the Academic Deans of the Commonwealth Partnership dealing with the way students should prepare for a successful college career. 


This site allows you to view and request a free hard copy of the booklet, Pre-College Planner.  This is an excellent guide to researching colleges and is published by the Associated Colleges of the Midwest.

           This site asks users to complete a profile, which is then sent to colleges and universities.  These schools use this information to contact prospective students who fit their school’s profile.

            This site is a must for any student planning to participate in Division I or II college athletics.  The eligibility rules are listed and students can complete the clearinghouse form.

     College and scholarship searches are featured here.  This site bills itself as the most user-friendly, non-biased search engine available. 


Career Information:

            This is the site of the Occupational Outlook Handbook, a publication of the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Job descriptions, employment opportunities, training and earnings are among the many useful topics covered.  Addresses of professional organizations associated with various careers are also listed here.

Career information and more than 700 links to career sites are available here.  Information on graduate school and other educational opportunities is also posted.

              This is a one-stop shopping site for college, career and financial aid planning.  Advice is offered for all grade levels, from middle school through college.

         Not ready to go to college right away?  You can give a year of service to your country and earn some money for later education.

    Career Info Net contains information on career trends, wages, general information and specific state information about careers.  


"Researching Colleges and Careers on the Internet" are websites gathered by the Guidance Department of Cherokee High School - North.
last updated: November 2003

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