Using Research Databases and the Internet to find articles on health and social topics related to early childhood


CLICK ON START, PROGRAMS, INTERNET EXPLORER to access the Cherokee Homepage.
                             From there, click on DEPARTMENTS ---Media Center.   
Save to your favorites on your home computer.

A. Under Research Databases (Internet subscriptions), choose:

1.  EBSCOhost (use for magazine, newspaper and health articles)
               Click on EBSCOhost Web.    
               √Check the following boxes: MasterFILE Premier, Newspaper Source,
                  Health Source  - Consumer Edition
                Click “Continue” to get started.
                Check the “full text” box.
                Type search phrase in “quotation marks” to search for words together.
                Type SU before search term(s) to do a subject search.
                                               Ex.: SU “child abuse”
                To narrow your search, connect search term(s) with AND, OR , or NOT:
                                           Ex:  “child abuse” and   preschooler*     
                                   **Note option to send home by email.

2.  SIRS (use for full-text scholarly magazine and newspaper articles)
                Click on SIRS Researcher Database.
                Make sure “Subject Headings” is selected
                Type in broad search term(s).      Click “Search.”
                                 **Note option to send home by email.

3. news service (use for newspaper articles)
             Type broad search term in SEARCH box.  Click on Go.
           Combine search terms with  and”:   Example:  reading and preschool*
                             **Note option to send home by
email at the top of page.

CQ Researcher (use to get information on current and controversial topics)
              Can do a “quick search,” “search,” or “browse by topic.”

5. Infotrac Elite 500 (Use for magazine and newspaper articles on a
              wide-range of topics. )  Type broad topic in search box. 
              Check box that limits to “articles with text.”

Get bookmark with passwords from media center to access these databases at home.

B.    Under Cyberdesk -- Search Engines:  Google Search Engine
        Use this reliable search engine to find additional information on the Internet.
        Remember to select “Print Preview” before printing.”

C.   Cherokee HS Research Guide – on Media Center front page at the bottom
       Consult this source to get information about writing a research paper and how
       to cite sources.

Revised by Mrs. L. Dennis
Oct. 2006