Electing a President of the United States:

Election of 1789 Resources



I.  Text Databases from the Cherokee Virtual Library Page:

         Bigchalk – Search for information in books only.  Deselect other sources.

                            Enclose multiple words that should be kept together in

                            “quotation marks.”

         American National Biography

         Discovering Collection

         Facts On File – Go to:  History – Landmark documents in Am. History

                                     Search historical documents, timelines, and biographies.

        History Resource Center: U.S. – In addition to doing a subject search and a

                                            people search, do a chronology search on 1789.

        SIRS  - Do a subject search.  Enter names of persons as last name, first name.

 **Reminder:  Get a bookmark with passwords to access these databases at home.


II.  Under Curricular Links from the Cherokee Virtual Library Page:

         Social Studies -  For example, search U.S. History - POTUS: Presidents of the U.S.


III.             Under  Cherokee Pages:  Special Assignments – Social Studies – U.S.

            Constitution:     Two hotlists of constitution web sites are here.


 IV.              Books SearchUse the Cherokee Library Media Collection link to look up books in the media
             center.  Subject Search – to find information about a topic or person.


V.                 Suggested Web SitesBiographywww.biography.com


                                         Bio Dictionary – Enter person’s name as first name  last name.


                                         History Channelwww.historychannel.com

                                                                       Search example:  “election of 1789”


VI.              Use the Google Search Engine to find other information.  Enclose

            phrases/multiple words in “quotation marks.”



Created by Linda Dennis, South Media Center, 9/2002