Controversial Issues

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             Click on ENHANCED (to the right)

                On the top line (under Subject):      type your topic. 
THEN change
the next boxes:         Or to And
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                Under And & Anywhere, type:          Opposing Viewpoints OR
                                                                         Controversial Issues
                                                                         Moral Issues OR At Issues     

             SHELF BROWSING

              361 TAKING   Taking sides : clashing views on controversial issues in mass media 
               NORTH          (14 vols.)          and society    

         Research Databases (Internet Subscriptions)

          Click on Research Databases and select the following databases as needed.

              CQ Researcher *
Covers the most current and controversial issues of the day with complete
                         summaries, and insight into all sides of the issues.
                        Type topic in Quick Search box.
                        May also "Browse by Topic" (link to the left).

                 SIRS *
Access to thousands of full-text articles, documents, and graphics from SIRS
                        highly acclaimed reference databases.  --  Sirs Researcher, SIRS Government
                        Reporter, and SIRS Renaissance.
                        Type broad topic in Subject headings box. Click Keyword to type in a phrase.
                        For additional topics, click on "Database Features" tab.
                        Click on "Suggested Research Topics" (listed in all three columns).

                  e-library *[Internet subscription]
Simultaneous search through more than 150 full-text newspapers, hundreds of full
                        text magazines, two international newswires, two thousand classic books, hundreds
                        of maps, thousands of photographs, as well as major works of literature and art.
                       *Deselect formats (maps, audio/video, etc.) not needed.  

                   EBSCOhost *[Internet subscription]
For magazine articles/reviews click on EBSCOhost Web, click MasterFILE Premier,
                       fill in Find box, under "Limit Your Results" click full text, click search.

                   Discovering Collection & History Resource Center *[internet subscription]
                       Provides reference sources on people, places, events and issues from a historical

* See bookmarks in library for home access to these databases

                          Internet Sites

                  Search Engines [Internet] Remember: These must be authoritative sites or they are not usable.

Google                                             Librarian Index to the Internet

Digital Librarian                                Internet Public Library

   - Multnomah County Library  Homework
            Center Social Issues

  - National Center for Policy Analysis - Scroll down and look for issues

  - University of Michigan Documents
            Center (also includes previous debate topics)

    - Education Week on the Web - Issues

    - (Assisted suicide, gun control, pro-athlete

   - Government Links

   - The U.S. Government's official web portal

   - One stop shopping for debate issues

Mrs. L. Dennis, Cherokee South Media Center
Sept. 2004