Journalist Pathfinder - Cherokee HS North


       Cherokee Library (Library Books)
Subject: Type in author’s name or title of work on the subject line

       Encyclopedia of World Biography
CD-ROM - only available at school)
                      Click on Name; Type in  Name ( Last name, First Name)

African American Culture and History  D-ROM - only available at school)
Click on People and type in Name  ( Last name, First Name)

         Internet Explorer – Cherokee High School Virtual Library    Bookmark this at home!

                Use the left-hand scroll bar and click on the following:

DISCovering Collection * [Internet subscription]
Select DISCovering collection                                         
                        Author:: Type last name –see author biography articles

                        BigChalk Library * [Internet subscription]
            Type journalist name + biography

                         EBSCOhost * [Internet subscription]
                                For magazine articles/reviews click on EBSCOhost Web; click MasterFILE
                                          Elite; fill in Find; click limit search to full text; click search

                         Search Engines [Internet]
Google                                                  Librarian’s Index to the Internet
                                         Digital Librarian                                     Internet Public Library

* See orange bookmarks in library for home access to these databases

Reference Books to Use

Ref         920.03           Dictionary                Dictionary of American Biography             Use the Index
Ref         920.03           Current                    Current Biography Yearbook                    (1940 - 1996)
Ref         920                Grolier                     Grolier North American Biography            Vol. 10-Index

Mrs. DeVan/ Mrs. Kramer
October 2001