Finding Literary Criticism for Literature Research Papers

Start ----- Programs, then on one of the following:

     Cherokee Library (for books)
In Subject space:  Type authorís last name, first name for books about an authorís works.
                In Subject space:  
Type title of the work for criticisms about it.

     Internet Explorer Ė Cherokee High School Virtual Library  Save to your favorites at home!

        I.            RESEARCH DATABASES

      * Get a bookmark with passwords, from either media center,  for home access to these research databases.
  DISCovering Collection  *
         Type "title of work" in the SEARCH box. 
       Type author's last name, first name in the SEARCH box.   Note type of article to the right.    
  Magill On Literature *
     Click on EBSCOhost Web.  Click on MagillOnLiterature Plus.

     Type author's last name, first name OR title of work "in quotes"  in FIND box.
     Check "Full Text" box (under Limit Your Results).   Click Search.  
Look for "Essay Reviews."

  Facts On File - Literature  *
      Click on Literary Reference Online. 
     Provides information about Authors, Works, Characters, etc.   

Contemporary Authors
*   (provides biographical information mostly and occasionally criticisms)   
    Click on Author Search or Title Search in the blue column to the left.
    Type author's last name, first name or title in SEARCH box.
  Novelist * 
    Click on Novelist to find a summary of your work. (Entries often  include reviews of works as well)
     Type your author's last name, first name in the QUICK SEARCH box.
     Select from drop-arrow menu to search by title or keyword.
     Scroll down to find reviews from journals. 
Lit Finder:  Poems, Stories, Criticisms and Biographies, and Plays
     Click on either Poems, Stories, Criticisms and Biographies and Plays at the top of page
for desired database.   Type "title of work" in quotation marks in the Basic Search box. 
     Or type author's last name, first name in Basic Search box and look for title or relevant
     information in the results.

.      Burlington County Library --Under Research Databases   

      Click on:  Burlington County Research Databases
       In the left column, scroll down to Research Databases A-Z.
       A database to try is: 
Literature Resource Center  (Click on "L" to access.)

       You will need a Burlington County Library Card to access the databases in the
      Burlington County  Library System.   - Go back to the Cherokee High School Virtual Library page,
                                                 to access the following:
  III.  Internet Public Library:  Online Literary Criticism Web Site
Click on Subject Links ---  English   

IV Cyber Desk --- Search Engines

          GOOGLE                                              Lbrarianís Index to the Internet
          Digital Librarian                                   Internet Public Library

  V. Cherokee Research Paper Guide   -  On the front page of  the Cherokee High School
                                                                                       Virtual Library page,

  VI. Gale's Literary Index-- Under Research Databases        
      Provides an index to CLC, NCLC, TCLC, SC, SSC 
      literary reference books listed below.


     REFERENCE SHELF BROWSING  [These books may be available in the North 
       or South  Media Center.]

              Reference Books

Location of Book

Title of Book(s)

REF 028.1        BOOKS North Library Books of the Century
REF 809           CON North Library Contemporary Literary Criticism 
* (CLC) up to v. 100
REF 809           NIN North Library Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism
* (NCLC) up to v. 54
REF 809           TWE North Library Twentieth Century Literary Criticism
* (TCLC) up to v. 69
REF 809.3        BEACHAMS North Library
& South Library
Beachamís Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction *
REF 809.3        SHORT South Library Short Story Criticism (SSC) up to v. 48.
REF 809.89      MAS North Library Masterworks of Children's Literature
REF 809.894    EUR North Library European Writers *
REF 809.93      MOSS North Library Literature and Its Times *
REF 810.8        AFR North Library African American Women Writers
REF 810.8        BLACK North Library Black Writers
REF 810.9        AME South Library American Writers
REF 810.9        AME North Library American Women Writers
REF 810.9        AME North Library American Writers before 1800
REF 810.9928  MOD North Library Modern American Women Writers
REF 820.9        BRI North Library British Writers *
REF 822.33      SHA North Library Shakespearean Criticism (SC) up to v. 17
REF 822.33      SHAKES North Library Shakespeare for Students
REF 920.03      KUN North Library Twentieth Century Authors
REF 973           REA
North Library
Readerís Companion to American History

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Updated March 2005, Mrs. L. Dennis, South Media Center