Finding Literary Criticism for Literature Research Papers


Click Start, click Programs, click on one of the following:

     Cherokee Library Media Collection
Subject: Type author’s lastname on the subject line for books about an author’s works

     Internet Explorer – Cherokee High School Virtual Library  Bookmark this at home!

            Use the left-hand scroll bar and click on the following:  

DISCovering CollectionScribner WritersTwayne's Authors * [Internet subscription]  
      Type in password: marl50049.  Select one of the collections
      Author: Type last name – topic ideas listed at the end of author articles


Magill On Literature * [Internet subscription]

     Click on EBSCOhost Web; uncheck MasterFILE Elite; check Magill On Literature; 
     fill in Find with author name or title in quotes; click search


Story Finder * [Internet subscription]  

     Click on “Find a story”; type in name of short story or title of story


World’s Best Poetry Online * [Internet subscription]  

     Click on “Start Searching”; type in name of poet or title of poem


bigchalk Library * [Internet subscription]  

     Type title of work in quotes or author’s name; click search


EBSCOhost * [Internet subscription ]  

     For magazine articles/reviews click on EBSCOhost Web; click MasterFILE Elite;
     fill in Find; click limit search to full text; click search


English Click on the following:

    Gale Literary Index (index to CLC, NCLC, TCLC, SC, SSC reference books listed below)
Online Literary Criticism [Internet]
Cherokee Research Booklet


Search Engines [Internet]  

     Google                                                    Librarian’s Index to the Internet
     Digital Librarian                                       Internet Public Library


    * See bookmark in library for home access to these reference databases


REFERENCE SHELF BROWSING  [These books may be available at North or South Library]

                REF 028.1       BOOKS           Books of the Century

                REF 808.894   EUR                 European Writers

                REF 809            CON              Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC)

                REF 809            NIN                Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism (NCLC)

                REF 809            TWE              Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (TCLC)

                REF 809.3       BEACHAMS  Beacham’s Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction

                REF 809.3       SHORT            Short Story Criticism (SSC)

                REF 809.93     MOSS                Literature and Its Times

                REF 810.8      AFR                  African American Women Writers

                REF 810.8      BLACK            Black Writers

REF 810.9      AME                 American Writers

REF 810.9      AME                 American Women Writers

REF 810.9      AME                 American Writers before 1800

REF 810.9928 MOD               Modern American Women Writers

                REF 820.9      BRI                   British Writers

REF 822.33    SHA                 Shakespearean Criticism (SC)

                REF 822.33    SHAKES          Shakespeare for Students

                REF 920.03    KUN                 Twentieth Century Authors

                REF 973         REA                 Reader’s Companion to American History


If you are still confused or having trouble, you may always use Literary Analysis Paper web quest that Ms. Czop created.

Cherokee HS Media Center North and South
September 2002/mpd & acb