Mrs. M. Hutchins B Honors Chemistry

Chemical Bonding Hot List B Chapter 8 March 2006



View the sites below and answer the questions that follow.



1.     a. Read the rules for drawing Lewis structures. Discuss how

these rules compare to the rules given in class.

b. State the rule(s) that is (are) missing.


2 a. What is bond order?

b. How are bond order and length related?



3.     Click on Resonance Structures.

a.      Why are resonance structures necessary to represent the Lewis structure some molecules?

b.     What makes resonance structures equivalent to each other for a given molecule?

c.     Describe in words (not drawings) the two ways to draw resonance structures for a given molecule.

d.     The bond order of resonance structures for a given molecule is usually a mixed number. Why?