Earth Science Special Assignment

Current Events

Writing Lab Assignment:


  1. Obtain an (at least a full-page) Earth Science article from the following sources: {Earth science articles include: weather stories, fossils, earthquakes, environment, geology, landslides, space travel, and astronomy. Check with the teacher before you print}




  1. Read the article to see if the subject matter is something you would like to write about.
  2. Print the article (use the print set-up menu to avoid printing more than you need).
  3. Take notes about the important points made in the article.
  4. Compose and type a 10-line summary using Microsoft Word:


Page set up:

    Your Name

    Today’s Date


URL:  Source of the article

Title of the article

Author of the article (if the author is not stated, use “editorial staff”)

10- line summary


  1. Proof read the document you have typed
  2. Edit
  3. Print the summary
  4. Turn it in to the teacher


Grading Rubric- 25 Points

Choice of article:

Reading and editing:

Followed the  stated format:

Completed a 10-line summary:

Summary matches the ideas in the article:

Possible: 5


Possible: 2

Possible: 6

Possible: 10

Possible: 2












Mrs. Debbie Scheinberg

Cherokee South

Revised: 1/28/03