Cherokee High School  



Supervisor- Mr. Matt Campbell

Department Coordinator- Mrs. Leanne DeBlieu

Science Curriculum 2004-2005

Advanced Biology
Advanced Chemistry
Advanced Physics
Earth Science
General Chemistry
General Physics
Physical Science



Science Resources( Cherokee Library)



Science News - Daily science update Nova science news PBS resources and news Access Excellence new and curriculum updates.  On line lectures and discussions - National Center for Biotechnology and genetics- News and information on current research

Science Teachers( Organizations )


National Science Teachers Association( NSTA)- Conventions, workshops, news and views, up to date curriculum in the sciences

New Jersey Science Teachers Association- (NJSTA)- Homepage for conventions, workshops, and resources

National Association of Biology Teachers( NABT)-Lesson plans, workshops, and conventions for Biology teachers

American Chemical Society- Chemistry advancements, research, and education

National Association for Science education- resources for Biology Teachers

Chemistry and Community resources for Chemistry teachers-

New Jersey Earth Science Teacher's Association (NJESTA)- Resources for earth Science

The American Association of Physics Teachers( AAPT) - Resources and links

American Association for the Advancement of Science( AAAS)- Science news and views, science education, and careers in science

American Association for Biology Laboratory Education( ABLE)- Lesson plans and resources for laboratory and research




Grants Technology Grants - Toyota Tapestry Grants - Resource Guide to technology grants