Map of South America

Ultimate Explorer Guide South America


Your Task:

Create a travel guide for a South American Country from the following list:





French Guiana

Brazil  Guyana Venezuela
Chile Paraguay  
Colombia  Peru  


Once you have decided on a country to explore you should investigate the following categories:  Be sure to include all information!!!!!!

Traveling Basics: 
In this section include the basic necessities you will need to explore your country.

Exchange rate
Climate (what should you wear)
Transportation ( what is the easiest way to get around)

Include 3 appropriate pictures in this section

Urban Experience: 
Investigate the largest and most important cities in your country. Include a brief description of the cities, when where they founded, who lives there, what jobs to the people have? What are the best hotels? Best places to dine?  Include popular monuments and museums.

Include 3 appropriate pictures in this section


Extreme Explorer: 
Investigate areas “off the beaten path” are there mountains, deserts, jungles to explore? What kind of wildlife can be found? Who lives in these remote areas?

Include 3 appropriate pictures

You should create a COLOR map of your country highlighting areas that you mention in your guide. Include traveling tips and easiest routes from place to place. The map should be neat, locations are to be clearly labeled and identified. Do not turn in a printed map from the internet!!!

Your travel guide should be a minimum of three pages of text. Pictures included should contain captions so that the traveler can easily identify them. Your Guide MUST contain a decorative cover!!!! Include the name of your country and eye catching color photographs.


Some Useful Databases and Websites:

Facts on File

CIA World Factbook


Travel Notes

Last frontiers Latin America

Vacation guide

Independent Traveler



Each of the three sections are worth 20 points each!!! Including 3 photographs for each section!!!!!

Map: 20 points

Presentation: 10 points

Be sure to provide a list of where you found your information!!! 10 points


Created by: Ms. M. D'Annunzio
last updated: 08 October 2003